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Fitness Equipment – Simple and Cheap

If you want to lose weight, get fit, build muscle or do all three then you are going to have to use some kind of equipment at some point. Whether this is paying for a gym subscription in order to use an array of different machines and gadgets that will aid in helping you achieve what you want for your body or buying different weights and machines for your own home gym.

Whatever the choice is, it can be very expensive. Machines and weights and gym subscription do not come cheap. There is also the chance that you may not continue going to the gym or using the machines or weights you bought, so you are then paying for something that you are no longer using.

There are some cheap alternatives that really do the trick when it comes to fitness equipment, there is no real need to spend a fortune on expensive equipment. This is specifically true if you are just starting out on getting into shape or exercising. It is better to buy some simple cheap equipment that gets results and gets you used to exercise before you progress to anything that is going to cost a lot of money. This way you will know that you are going to carry on with exercise before you spend a fortune.

The good thing about the simple and cheap fitness equipment is that they do not take up a lot of room either, unlike bulky expensive machines. If you were thinking that these cheap alternatives will not give you the results that you are looking for then think again, you will find most of these in a professional gym or health spa, so you know they are great bits of kit.

There are many different types and some work better than others, here are some that I have tried and tested and have found to be very effective and cheap of course.

The first one, which is such an effective piece of kit is the exercise ball. You can do so many different muscle toning exercises with the ball and they are so cheap. Then something that I have found really effective is resistance bands, again very cheap and so versatile that you can take them with you when you travel. A pair of good running shoes are also cheap and running is great for a cardiovascular workout to keep that heart fit. … Read More

Exercise Equipment- Body weight Lifting

Body weight lifting is a form of exercise that utilizes special devices for the purpose of getting muscle when/ or dropping pounds. It is possibly just one of the most well-liked types of equipments that are accessible in gyms as very well as in merchants for specific purpose. The only difficulty with pounds lifting devices is that it generally calls for some manner of spotter or upkeep for the upkeep of the quite special devices. There are three big groups of pounds lifting exercise equipment, each and every just one specialized in what it is intended to do.
The three big groups contain pounds lifting machinery, barbells, and dumbbells. Body weight lifting machinery requires many alternate groups merely mainly because it can be so quite wide in the amount of money of capabilities that it can full. There is literally a distinct pounds lifting machine for nearly each individual portion of the entire body that has muscles in it.
There are pounds lifting equipment that perform the distinct locations of the arms, the distinct locations of the legs, the distinct locations of the abdomen, the distinct locations of the upper entire body the list goes on for a when. Body weight lifting machinery is just one of the most well-liked kinds of doing work out mainly because many pounds lifting equipment are easy to use and supply rapid effects.
The 2nd form of pounds lifting devices is barbells. These are rather easy exercise merchandise that only use a large bar that has places to attach weights. A lifter would then carry these weights into sure positions established by what certain portion of the entire body that he or she might be doing work on in possibly a dead carry or a bench press. Each of these is specialized to the type of muscles that just one might be hunting to boost.
The last form of exercise equipment for pounds lifting is what is identified as dumbbells. These are the most straightforward form of pounds lifting merchandise in that they are only compact bars that have large weights attached to possibly facet of them. A lifter would then maintain them in just one hand and perform on a sure amount of lifts, typically in raising quantities to support make muscle.
Each and each individual just one of these pounds lifting equipment and equipments are some of the most helpful approaches to make muscle when burning fats. This is why each individual gymnasium in the globe has at least just one of these groups.… Read More

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Planet Fitness – The Ideal Fitness Center

Planet Fitness or the 'Judgment Free Zone' is the chain of fitness centers in United States of America. Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone is known to cater the common people or the fitness crazy people who are very conscious about their fitness. Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone gives more priority to the sensitive first-timers.

The specialties of the Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone are:
These clubs offer a wide range of exercise equipment in order to keep us and fit and also to build the cardiovascular competence. There are trainers who can help each member in the gym during their work-outs. The Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone generally offers a minimum rate to its members, there by making it accessible to the common folk. This includes $ 15 as a membership fee. Other perks provided by this club are the Black Card membership which allows free use of facilities to its members, guest allowance each day and 50% discount on soft drinks. For those who are controlled at home clubs have unlimited tanning facility. Apart from this, the Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone have their own Co-ed Zone and Private Clubs for women.

Upon enrollment planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone offers a complete package which includes complete fitness assessment. Based on the result of this assessment each individual's need and requirements are verified and she he is given the required exercise. Based on individual's initial work-out program results they are given the 'acceleration' program in order to speed up their work-out plan. For their maintenance they also offer private personal training sessions where the members can avail the services of the Physical fitness trainers.

In spite of all these facilities Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone have their own exercise rules and etiquette that have to be observed strictly by all the members and its users. These include the prohibition of compound barbell exercises like dead lifts, bent over row exercises and using magnesium carbonate for heavy lifts. The use of dumbbell is restricted maximum up to 80 Pounds. There are also exercise etiquette which should be strictly observed which includes avoiding grunting, swearing or loud psyching up rituals and heart breaking noises from bar drops. Whenever a member breaks this rule an alarm rings to show that they have violated the rules thereby forcing them to follow the rules and regulations.

The name 'Judgment Free Zone' seems to be ironic and restrictive among these rules, but there are still many people who are ready to go for this club because of its reasonable price, variety of exercise equipments, professional guidance and the other facilities the club Offers.

To finish of, choice of enrolling in a fitness club or gym depends on you alone. There are various fitness centers like Gold Gym, Peak Fitness, and various other fitness centers as well as health clubs that have opened up their doors to everyone. But Planet Fitness or the … Read More


My good friend Chuck Hersh invited me to shoot some fitness models at the Busy Body Fitness Center in Boca Raton. This was shot using 4 Alien Bees (2x B1600, 2x B800). The main light was in a large octabox.

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The Health Benefits of Aerobics

Aerobic exercise covers any activity which raises a person’s metabolism. For many people who take part in aerobics, their primary motivation is to improve their appearance through weight loss and better muscle tone. But aerobic exercise is also extremely beneficial to a person’s health, making it something which everyone should incorporate into their routine several times a week.

Regular aerobic exercise helps strengthen the respiratory muscles. In doing this, a person can increase their lung capacity which will improve their stamina when exercising and should make them feel healthier and more energised. Aerobics can also strengthen the heart muscle which will enhance its ability to effectively pump blood around the body and will reduce a person’s resting heart rate. This is especially beneficial for people who have been diagnosed with hypertension or who suffer from stress, which can trigger high blood pressure.

Improving the circulation system through aerobic exercise will help the body use oxygen more effectively. The reason for this is cardiovascular exercise increases the number of red blood cells, which facilitate the transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

Doing regular aerobics increases the rate in which your body burns calories which, along with a balanced diet, will help either maintain a healthy weight or shed excess pounds. This increase in metabolism will last for several hours after the aerobic work out. A healthy body mass index can significantly reduce a person’s risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, as well as serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease. Aerobic exercise is of particular benefit to women, who are generally at more risk of problems such as osteoporosis, as high impact activities such as jogging can increase bone density.

Aerobic exercise can boost your mental health as well as your physical health, as exercise affects the level of certain hormones in the body. For instance, when exercising the endocrine system is stimulated to emit endorphins that elevate the mood or produce chemicals which lower cholesterol. The mood enhancing effects of aerobic exercise means that it is a particularly beneficial activity to people undergoing a period of stress, or who may be suffering from clinical depression.

Doing aerobics will also improve your lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system is responsible extremely important in defending the body against toxins and disease. In combination with the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on hormone secretion, this can lead to greater immunity against illness.

If you have previously led a fairly inactive lifestyle the idea of incorporating aerobic exercise into your life may be quite intimidating. However, if you start small, for instance starting off with 10 minute sessions, you will find it soon becomes much easier as your strength and stamina increases, and you start to experience the health benefits of a regular aerobic work out.… Read More