Telling portal about the products popular among small and medium enterprises in the loan segment, Dmitry Leus says that usual maximum loan amount makes 3 million rubles, and this is despite the fact that the minimum loan amount makes 30 thousand rubles. The maximum loan repayment term is 36 months, and the interest rate is calculated individually, being affected by the client’s financial performance. The minimum value is 15% per annum. The full text of the interview can be found by the link:

On the ideal client

 Dmitry states that a company must meet a number of criteria for it to get a certain chance of receiving a loan. Firstly, a company must be more than a year old. Secondly, public participation must not exceed 25% of the authorized capital. Thirdly, the staff should not consist of more than 250 employees. Fourthly, contributions to the tax office and insurance must be paid.

According to Dmitry, the bank does not have any preferences with regard to the activity of a legal person. It could be all possible sectors: from shops to hotels, from large scale production enterprises to IT companies.

As Dmitry has it, banks are willing to cooperate with various clients, get to the bottom of their core activity and tailor their work according to it. As a consequence of its interest in long-term cooperation with SMEs, the bank can keep the client’s working capital. It is a very beneficial option for both parties, because it is easier for the bank to analyze the financial condition of the company, and it will be easier for the client to extend cooperation with the bank in the future, and that entails a possibility of lowering the interest rate.

On personal experiences

Having worked with SMEs previously, Dmitry Leus says that the bank rarely took the fee for servicing and account maintenance. In the cases where the fee was charged, its amount was incomparably small to the loan provided by the bank to the client.

Account maintenance is a very important component of cooperation between the bank and the client – it increases the transparency of business performance. Dmitry asserts, it is easier to build a meaningful dialogue in such circumstances. Such business strategy allows for a long cooperation between the bank and a legal entity. The latter can rely on lowering the interest rates, and favorable terms with the next credit facility.