Often benches are basically named for the spot they are employed, irrespective of no matter if this indicates a unique structure.
Park benches are set as seating sites within general public parks, and range in the range of individuals they can seat.
Backyard benches are comparable to general public park benches, but are lengthier and offer a lot more sitting sites.
Picnic tables, or catering buffet tables have very long benches as very well as a table. These tables may possibly have table legs which are collapsible, in purchase to expedite transportation and storage.
Scenic benches are located to present a relaxed suggests of experiencing the contemplation of a gorgeous landscape, a active street scene, or perhaps a unique event.
Perch benches are normally located in high visitors areas to allow individuals to choose a swift break.
A storage bench is a mix of sitting area and a storage box, normally employed for keeping gardening provides or grill devices.

Långa Soffan, a 240-foot (seventy three m) park bench in Oskarshamn, Sweden
Different kinds of benches are precisely built for and/or named soon after unique employs, these kinds of as:
church pews inside sites of worship are outfitted with an additional kneeling bench.
a bench seat is a conventional seat set up in cars, featuring a ongoing pad working the complete width of the cabin.
a punishment bench is employed to have a punishee lie (and normally be tied) down on for the administration of a corporal punishment, soon after which it may possibly be precisely named, e.g. caning bench
a bench (bodyweight coaching) is employed for fitness exercises, these kinds of as the bench press which is named soon after its use of a bench
a communion bench is not employed as a seat
a piano bench delivers normally 1 man or woman seating and is peak adjustable.
a spanking bench, these kinds of as a caning bench, is precisely built for a spankee to lie upon, probably strapped down, though publishing to paining of the posterior
swing seats are independently movable, suspended benches, employed for participate in or as a calming porch swing.
a courting bench (or kissing bench, or tête-à-tête): a two-seater with the seats pointing in reverse instructions, so just about dealing with just about every other.
a friendship bench in a school playground is exactly where a child can go when they want another person to converse to.
the bench in a courtroom, powering which the choose is seated.

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