Park benches are established as seating spots inside of general public parks, and fluctuate in the quantity of folks they can seat.
Garden benches are equivalent to general public park benches, but are lengthier and give additional sitting spots.
Picnic tables, or catering buffet tables have prolonged benches as properly as a desk. These tables might have desk legs which are collapsible, in get to expedite transportation and storage.
Scenic benches are positioned to supply a snug indicates of making the most of the contemplation of a gorgeous landscape, a fast paced road scene, or possibly a specific function.
Perch benches are commonly positioned in large traffic parts to help folks to consider a fast crack.
A storage bench is a combination of sitting house and a storage box, normally utilized for maintaining gardening provides or grill devices.
A sort is a backless bench that was utilized for seating in eating rooms, university rooms and legislation courts.
Långa Soffan, a 240-foot (seventy three m) park bench in Oskarshamn, Sweden
Many varieties of benches are precisely intended for and/or named right after specific takes advantage of, these kinds of as:
church pews within spots of worship are geared up with an more kneeling bench.
a bench seat is a conventional seat set up in automobiles, that includes a ongoing pad running the total width of the cabin.
a punishment bench is utilized to have a punishee lie (and normally be tied) down on for the administration of a corporal punishment, right after which it might be precisely named, e.g. caning bench
a bench (weight instruction) is utilized for exercise workouts, these kinds of as the bench press which is named right after its use of a bench
a communion bench is not utilized as a seat
a piano bench delivers commonly a single person seating and is peak adjustable.
a spanking bench, these kinds of as a caning bench, is precisely intended for a spankee to lie upon, potentially strapped down, although submitting to paining of the posterior
swing seats are independently movable, suspended benches, utilized for participate in or as a soothing porch swing.
a courting bench (or kissing bench, or tête-à-tête): a two-seater with the seats pointing in opposite directions, so virtually facing each other.
a friendship bench in a university playground is the place a baby can go when they want a person to talk to.
the bench in a courtroom, at the rear of which the decide is seated.

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