VIP Fitness – Personal Training, Perth, Scotland

VIP Fitness – Personal Training, Perth, Scotland

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10 Healthy Weight Loss Principles to Follow

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), evidence shows that our risk for many types of cancer is related to diet, physical activity and weight, which is a direct result of diet and physical activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is important to safeguarding your health but getting to a healthy weight is not always easy and can be dangerous if not done the right way.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Weight Loss

Having excess weight and trying to lose it is a source of frustration for many. As a result, people often resort to fad diets with very specific rules and limitations that promise fast and substantial results. These rules and restrictions are difficult to stick to and once the timeframe for the fad diet is over, people most often gain all the weight, or even more, back. While the complex rules of these fad or trend diets makes it seem as though they are scientifically based, they are not; they are based on simple logic: Cut out a big chunk of calories by cutting out entire food groups or by replacing entire meals with low-calorie liquids. But, ultimately, they can actually damage your overall health and do not work because they do not affect a person’s overall lifestyle.

The only form of healthy weight loss and management is a lifestyle change. There are a variety of factors that contribute to successful weight management and the more you can incorporate into your daily life, the better.

Lifestyle Rules for Healthy Weight Management

  1. It all starts with food. A healthful diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins while low in high-sugar foods, refined grains, and trans and saturated fats is essential.
  2. It’s not just what you eat, but how much. Portion control isn’t as necessary with low-calorie foods like broccoli and spinach, but for higher-calorie foods, you have to control the portion. Some people do this by weighing their food, but if you’re not ready to control portions THAT much, you can start with a simple rule: just one serving and no seconds for high-calorie foods. Keep an eye on serving sizes for packaged foods too so you don’t unknowingly eat a full package that actually has two or three servings in it.
  3. Be mindful while eating. This means not eating while distracted (like eating while watching TV or working) and paying attention to what you’re eating, while you’re eating it, savoring the food and thinking about what you like and don’t like about it.
  4. Don’t rush your meals. Rushing while eating will increase the likelihood of overeating as it doesn’t give your body time to fully respond to what is going in the stomach. Additionally, rushing often results in digestion issues (e.g. indigestion, heartburn, gas) because rushing often means you’re not chewing your food enough. It is important to eat slowly and chew well.
  5. Set yourself up for success by controlling your food environment. Don’t have junk food in the house and avoid temptations elsewhere, like
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Kelly McGowan – Personal Trainer

Canon 500D w Sigma APO 70-200mm f2.8 EX DG HSM at f5.6, ISO 100
Canon Speedlite 580 exII on manual with Yongnuo RF602 positioned front right
Westcott 48" white satin umbrella

My first ever attempt at using off-camera flash…

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No Diet Weight Loss – 3 Great Tips To Lose Weight Healthily

Weight loss is very simple, especially if you want to lose weight naturally and without diet. All you need to do is to reading and apply my three ways on how to lose weight without diet.

  • The bed or sofa is definitely not your heaven if you want to lose those pounds without to go through a series of torturing diet plans. You need to get up, get out from your house and start moving your muscles by exercising. Exercising will help raise the metabolism rate of your body, burning fat twice as fast as you are laying on the bed!
  • If you want to lose weight naturally and without diet, I would recommend you to do things step-by-step and do not rush. If you rush, you will change your lifestyle too fast and this is the last thing we want because it will have some negative impact to your body. We must enjoy the process of losing weight, not forcing our lifestyle to fit into the plan as this will crush our motivation other than harming our own body.
  • No diet weight loss doesnt mean that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. No diet weight loss is about choosing the right food. The right food here means low sugar, low salt, less oil and high nutrition. Also cooking the food yourself will let you have the knowledge of what will you be putting into your mouth. Anyway, cooking is also a form of exercise that will help you lose weight.

This is it, my 3 no diet weight loss tips that will help you to lose weight healthily and without diet. I actually have more of these quick tips which I have put into the products featured on No Diet Natural Weight Loss Guide [ -hot-deals].

If you have time and you are really serious about losing weight naturally and without diet [], I am sure that the products there will definitely help you out in achieving your dreams more effectively. … Read More

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Surry Hills Bootcamps – MG Fair Day 2012

Andrew Greig, director of Life Active Personal Training and Fitness Expert for DNA Magazine runs monthly bootcamp classes for people in the Redfern and Surry Hills areas.

This flyer was designed by Matt Rule, for Life Active’s stall at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day 2012

© Life Active 2012

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Fitness Equipment, Fitness Center

Fitness Center courtesy of Momemtum Fitness Solutions

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York Multi Gym – Discover the Great Benefits

Home exercising is becoming very popular nowadays, what with the economic downturn the thought of paying out for a gym is something that is making us all taking a moment to pause and reconsider. So exercising at home is an excellent option, but you want to get a work out like you would have at the gym. What is needed is a multi gym, and they don’t come any better than a York Multi Gym.

I’m going to show you 3 Great benefits of owning one.


For the price of an annual gym membership you can set yourself up if a great multi gym for your home. The plus factor is it’s a one off payment, unlike the contractual agreement you have with the gym, where they make it difficult for you to get out of even after the contract period has expired.

The equipment can be upgraded if you wish over time, or have new options fitted to it. The standard multi gym’s are good enough for most people.


Imagine if you bought all of the items of equipment you used at the gym? That would be a lot of kit that would fill 2 rooms or a double garage. The great advantage is the multi functions that home gyms provide. Most of them also have folding units so you can compact down further.


Feeling intimidated at the gym is something a lot of people go through, especially if you’re a woman. You maybe unsure of what exercises to do or even what machines to use, so have avoided going to the gym. If you prefer to exercise at home, then this is the option for you. Workout in your own home, when you want and how you want, with the maximum of privacy.… Read More