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Weight Loss Success – Extreme Self-Discipline Made Easy

How many times have you decided that another diet did not work? Was it the diet that didnt work or your self-discipline that failed? Just about any diet will eliminate those unwanted pounds, when you learn to use your self-discipline.

Everyone has self-discipline to one degree or another. If you are not fit, you simply need to learn to use your self-discipline.

Prior to joining a health club in 1987, I was very undisciplined in every area of ​​my life. For example, in the middle of a freezing North Dakota winter, I received a utility company notice that my power would be shut off immediately since since I had not paid my bill.

Of course I had not paid my bill, I could not find it. Because I did not want to freeze, I quickly paid the bill. I realized being undisciplined and procrastinating was not a good lifestyle.

Because of my undeveloped self-discipline, I took 5 years to get my 4-year degree. I just did not bother to exert myself. Developing self-discipline requires energy. Energy comes from exercising. Once I began exercising in March 1987, my energy level steadily increased. I began to realize that I was in control of my life.

Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. Conversely, the less you use your self-discipline, the winner it gets.

The first step to developing self-discipline is simply understanding this: you CAN develop extreme self-discipline! Get the notification out of your head that you do not have self-discipline.

The second step to developing self-discipline is to set up your environment for success. Toss all your trigger foods. How do you expect to be successful at weight loss when you are constantly tempted by those tasty, crunchy foods in your pantry? It is much easier to say no once at the grocery store than have to say no hundreds of times daily to those same snacks.

Replace all fat-promoting foods with fit-promoting quality foods. In Lose the Lies Lose the Weight, http://www.losethelieslosetheweight.com , I provide extensive lists of fat-promoting versus fit-promoting foods which will teach you exactly how to eat for weight loss success.

Finally, join a health club. Gaining control of your discipline requires energy. Energy comes from regular physical activity, not channel or Internet surfing. Exercise eliminated my procrastination and lack of self-discipline.

After I began exercising in March 1987, everything in my life changed. I no longer had to take several naps every day. I began to get things done. I quickly completed my college degree. I wrote Step by Step Phonics, competed in natural bodybuilding competitions (and won), ran 5 K's, got in shape after two kids, started a business, wrote Lose the Lies Lose the Weight, and had the energy to accomplish every goal I set .

Do you realize, my friend, the amount of energy and talents that you have not tapped into because you have not utilized your self-discipline? What you can accomplish will amaze you … Read More

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How to Lose More Fat With Cardio – Aerobic Secrets to Lose Fat Faster Then Ever Before

Cardio is a great way to lose fat because when you do aerobic exercises oxygen is being used. And to burn fat your body need oxygen as well. However another statement is also true your body adapts very quickly and it needs constantly new challenges. For example in the beginning of your fat loss program you could get away with running on treadmill for twenty minutes a day three times a week. However after a while this workout is far to easy for your body, your metabolism will not increase anymore and therefore it does not burn the desired amount of calories. To lose more fat with cardio you need to challenge your workouts a little bit.

Increase duration The first thing you need to do is to increase the duration of your aerobics. Do always a minimum of thirty minutes per session if your goal is fat loss. Perhaps this amount does not produce enough results for you. The most logical step is to increase the duration incrementally by five to ten minutes per session. Review the increase of duration systematically on a weekly base. Most people find out that doing cardio for forty to forty-five minutes is the optimal duration. Increase frequency Increasing your duration beyond sixty minutes will work counterproductive. Start with a minimum of three days per week of cardio workouts. To increase the rate of fat loss add one day per week until you reach six or seven days per week. Doing cardio training seven days a week for months is excessive. However if you want to break trough a fat loss plateau doing cardio for six to seven days per week is recommended for a period ranging from one to twelve weeks.

Improve food choices It is almost impossible to out train a bad diet. Think about it you only spend a few hours a week in the gym so food choices do play a very important role. First of all increase your intake of good fats and decrease your intake of bad fats. Try to eat at least one food that contain complex protein with every meal. Eat fruit in moderation but do not drink refined fruit juices. Eat breakfast but do not eat white bread with your breakfast or just in general. With bread contains refined flower and refined flower is a food that truly makes you fat.

Incorporate high intensity interval training Sometimes your nutrition is already in place so there is it recommended to incorporate HIIT training. A good beginners HIIT exercise would be the walk-jog interval training. Walk for one minute, jog for one minute and then repeat as much as possible. With HIIT training the combination are almost endless. For example you can challenge yourself with a 30/30 session. Walk for thirty seconds and thereafter run for thirty seconds and repeat as much as possible. You can challenge yourself with doing the workout on a hill. Within a few weeks or months walking and jogging may be easy … Read More

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Reduce your body weight just by doing dieting.What you have to do is just read a diet plan from shape book and follow it.

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High Strength Period Training Verses Endurance Training

Which one is really better? Before we answer that concern, let's specify each kind of training. High Strength Period Training (HIIT) is any exercise that rotates in between periods of intense exercise and durations of less extreme activity or even rest.

On the other hand, stamina training is much more of a sustained effort expanded over a longer period of time. Both can provide an improvement in physical fitness.

High Strength Period Training

For example, a great HIIT workout could have been running as fast as you can for 1 minute then strolling along for a further 2 minutes. Keep up this three-minute routine for 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, this regular workout burns more calories than running on a treadmill for an hour! And that's a fact.

And it gets better; a 2011 study carried out by the American College of Sports Medicine discovered that only 2 weeks of HITT improves your aerobic capacity by as much as 6 to 8 weeks of stamina training.

In addition to enhancing your aerobic capacity, HITT also:
• burns more calories during your exercise than with stamina training
• keeps burning more calories approximately 1 Day after training
• Establishes a resting better heart rate
• does not need any devices
• maintains muscle and burns fat instead

Given that the principle of HIIT is maximum effort for a short period of time, followed by a recuperation period and that this cycle is then repeated over a set duration, you can do it anywhere.

The drawback of HIIT is that you should refrain from doing it over 2 to 3 times each week as most people need a day or two in between to completely recuperate.

Endurance Training

When it pertains to burning calories, you can get the very same benefit from stamina training as you do from HIIT – it just takes even more time to burn the same number of calories. For instance, a stamina version of the run / walk HIIT routine above would have to perform at a continuous speed for an hour or more; long and steady verses brief and extreme.

Because with endurance training you are regularly in the aerobic zone so your cumulative energy expenditure is higher through long cardio sessions than it is during 10 to 20 minute interval high intensity training sessions. Consequently, if burning fat and reducing weight are your immediate main fitness objectives, then stamina training is better than high intensity interval training. However, HIIT will certainly help you keep the weight off better than endurance training.

Along the fitness benefits over, due to an enhanced metabolism, stamina training likewise supply the following benefits:
• improves cardio wellness
• boosts joints
• boosts respiratory system efficiency
• boosts mental acuity
• advances endurance

If time is a scarce product in your lifestyle, stamina training might not be for you as it does require a big and frequent dedication of time, whereas HIIT requires a shorter and less frequent time dedication. Regardless, … Read More

Bài Hóp Mở Đàm Vĩnh Hưng MS501 21P| Oanh Aerobics Tổng Hợp Thẩm Mỹ Giảm Béo Giảm Mỡ Bụng

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TeDeMeI – Homio Healthy Life Blue 980 ml Lunch Box with Inner Spoon_0_LH

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