The 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship, team competition The San Francisco Bay Club

Jeff Vandiver, Andre Houle, and Troy Markle represent the San Francisco Bay Club by competing to the Devo hit “That’s Good” on The Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship, which aired nationally on April 24th, 1987, and was shot at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California.


Hip and Leg Sled 2000

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Burning Calories While Exercising

We all know that regular exercise is our best bet to lose weight. When we exercise, our body muscle works harder so burning calories much faster. Exercise also enlarges our muscle tissue and at the same time raises our metabolic rate (the amount of calories we burn while resting). There are two types of exercise that could burn calories more effectively – Aerobic and Anerobic.

Aerobic exercise refers to physical workouts that require oxygen to be delivered to our body muscles (via the lungs and blood supply) over an extended period of time. Some of the aerobic activities includes – walking, jogging, swimming, jumping rope, roller-blading, rowing and general sports like football or tennis. Aerobic exercise is sometimes referred to as "cardio exercise" because it strengthens the cardiovascular (heart) and respiratory (lungs) systems. This will make you feel energize and increase your stamina.

Anaerobic exercise refers to fitness routines (eg lifting weights) that do not rely on oxygen for fuel. Typically, this exercise involves a short burst of energy which is powered by non-oxygen fuel sources such as adenosine triphosphate and glycogen stored in the muscles. Normally, anaerobic exercise is performed by body builder or weight lifter.

Although exercising helps to burn more calories and makes you lose weight – But do make sure that you eat 3 – 4 hours before each exercise routine. Your meal is preferential high-carbohydrate, low in fat, with foods like breakfast cereal, fruit, yogurt, fruit juice, bread, pasta and rice. Try to avoid fried food and other high-fat options. These low-fat, carbohydrate-rich foods give you the necessary energy to enable you to exercise for up to one hour at a time, and help to optimize fat-burning more effectively. Drinking plain water will be much better as compared to isotonic drinks as there have high calorie-content which are not required unless you perform a vigorous exercising

Once finish exercising, refuel your energy in your body with high-carbohydrates, low-fat meal. Sometimes, you might lose some appetite after exercise. It is perfectly normal, but you should not exercise again within 12 hours without you have replenished your body with sufficient food rich with carbohydrates.

Bottom line – Exercise is the surefire way to lose weight. Not only you will burn calories but you can do it safely, naturally and confidently. … Read More

Saucony Women’s Powergrid Hurricane 14 Running Shoe,White/Grey/Aqua,7.5 W US

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Anatomy of Weight Training – What You Need to Know About It (Part 1)

There are fundamental principles to Weight Training that every novice trainee should understand and follow. Your understanding about repetitions, sets, rest intervals, workout frequency, and workout intensity will make your fitness goal more effective in terms of providing you with effective results.

Many people do things randomly and maybe get some results, but then that is where they reach a sticking point or plateau. Therefore, results stagnate. Do not be one of those individuals who try to follow a prerequisite plan with the help of learning those weight training fundamentals which I will explain next.

Repetitions (aka: reps)

Repetitions are the number of lifts you are performing at one time or during one set. Usually the higher the number of repetitions you perform the less sets you should include. Otherwise, you can over-train your body and negate your results.

When performing a certain number of repetitions, there will be the effect that exercise physiologists and other experts in their sports field have categorized them as follows:

-For gaining strength your repetitions should be between one and five.

-To build more muscle tissue, it is recommended to follow 7-12 repetitions.

-To gain power which is different than strength, then following an explosive pace of repetitions; they should be done at a minimum of 1 to 5 repetitions.

-If your objective is to burn more calories, then the higher number of repetitions (more than 15) is recommended for better results.


Sets are correlated directly with repetitions, and as I mentioned before the more reps you perform, consequently, you should perform less sets. For example, if you are following the strength type of training, then you will want to follow a low number of reps and a higher number of sets such as:

Four repetitions for five sets.

Rest Intervals

There are the rests between your sets. In general, if you are following power or strength weight training, then you probably need longer periods of rest like 90 to 180 seconds. And if you are following muscle building training, then you might need less rest which can be 45 to 60 seconds. … Read More

Fitness Center: Cardio Machines

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Bulmershe Group 2 2012 Aerobic British Championships Group 2

Crerar Antony, Ella Augier, Emily Boyce, Myfanwy Mountford, Hannah Owen and Stella Vinet get the silver medal. Aerobic British Championships 2012. Score: 17.281
Watch all the medal winning performances here:
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