GCSE Biology – Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration

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Aerobic Respiration
This style of respiration only takes spot when there is a regular and plentiful stream of oxygen to the residing cells within just the physique. As all cells in the physique have to have oxygen in buy to change glucose (sugar) into power, extensive periods of physical exercise count on aerobic respiration to maintain the physique executing at its the best possible degree. Football players count on aerobic respiration in buy to proceed jogging close to the pitch.

Anaerobic Respiration
Any style of physical exercise wherever the muscle tissue are not staying supplied with enough oxygen in buy to sustain extensive periods of physical exercise is identified as anaerobic respiration. Sprinters use this style of respiration for their quick bursts of physical exercise however as this style of respiration releases lactic acid into the muscle tissue (a moderate poison that induces exhaustion) it is unquestionably not a sustainable type of respiration.