Emphasis on fitness is in the limelight like never before. Size zero is in vogue and the uber lean, skinny models and movie stars have gained the status of demi-gods. With this passion for looking good and the desire to keep up with the current fashion, people have started focusing on fitness and are ready to spend to achieve that perfect body. In chasing dreams of the lean, toned look, people are in a mad rush to join a gym and workout extremely hard.

However, all this media hype for toned bodies and high fashion has started a positive train of thought in people. As a result of this increased awareness, people are turning health conscious and cutting down on junk food. Packaged food is being replaced by fresh, home made food which is of high nutritional value. Vegetarianism has touched the lives of people around the globe. In addition to all this, a five day workout at the gym has become a vital part of the daily routine. In fact so much that office-goers utilize some part of their lunch break to get a quick, sweaty workout.

With this entire fetish for exercise and workouts, fitness centers have become jam packed with people. A gym is not so beneficial as compared to getting a personal trainer for oneself. In the former, one gets puzzled as to where to begin with so many equipments to work upon. Also, the individual may not use the correct posture or use the equipment in the wrong way, which will result in not having the desirable effect on the body. Time is a crucial factor too, since not everyone can spend hours at the gym. In such a scenario, it becomes tough to choose the right equipment, as one can not use all the machinery daily. This results in a half-baked, poor workout schedule.

To solve this problem, a personal trainer is any day a better choice than enrolling in a gym. A fitness trainer would guide you through all the exercises and the prime focus becomes the individual. Also, he would design specific workouts which have high quality effect. With his vast knowledge, you would have the best of combinations of various exercises like strength training and cardio, which burn fat at a rapid rate. If you are strapped for time, he would make you do a particular set of exercises with more repetitions which would consume lesser time. Exercises at gym do not give out the proper result, if the correct sequence of using the equipments is not followed.

Lifting weights, without a proper trainer is risky as it can cause damage to the spinal cord or a injury. A good personal trainer would mix cardio exercises with rejuvenating activities like aerobics, yoga. On contrary to workouts at gym, this would make the workout fun and cut out boredom. If you have a particular problem like back ache or arthritis, he would carefully avoid all those exercises which may cause it to aggravate further. Instead he would introduce into your workout, different exercises which would give the same benefits as those exercises to be avoided would give. This makes it different from working out in a gym, as one may get puzzled about the exact function of a equipment.

In a nutshell, the variety and uniqueness of workouts performed will have a good effect on the body. As you exercise with interest and enthusiasm, soon the results will start showing on your body. Whereas a dull and drab workout at a gym may not give the required result, the zeal to exercise doubles if done with a personal trainer, who is the constant source of guidance. So, walk down the fitness trail to be healthy, fit and fine.