Protein intake is certainly critical for developing muscle mass mass. It is what muscle mass tissue is made of. So how can you maybe acquire muscle mass by having NO protein?

To help respond to this query, we have to have to initially search at a schooling approach identified as carbohydrate or carb-loading. Carb-loading is used primarily by endurance athletes to increase glycogen stores in the muscle tissues past what the human body will normally retail outlet. This enhanced gas storage equals greater endurance. This phenomenon is identified as “supercompensation” and it is quite perfectly documented.

The standard approach for carb-loading involves initially removing carbs from the diet for several days whilst continuing to educate tough. Instruction is then diminished and the athlete eats big quantities of carbs, in outcome “loading” the muscle tissues with glycogen (stored carbs). Since the human body has been deprived of carbs, it reacts to the further carbs by greedily keeping on to every single very last just one it can. This approach can consequence in glycogen stores up to 1 1/2 situations greater than regular.

But what does carb-loading have to do with having no protein and getting muscle mass? Anything.

In the context of supercompensation, think about the consequence if you have been to get rid of protein from your diet for a day. Just like with carb-loading, your human body will respond by greedily keeping on to every single very last bit of protein it can. But this is the important big difference: when accompanied by ideal schooling, not like with carb-loading in which the further carbs are burnt for gas, you can encourage your human body to dangle on to that further protein completely. How does this occur? By making use of it to develop muscle mass, which is the most important storehouse of protein in your human body.

How To Do It:

Be aware: just before I notify you accurately how to do it, make sure you maintain in thoughts that I am not a health care medical doctor or nutritionist. This information is for instructional uses only and you ought to usually check with your physician just before producing any important improvements to your diet.

The approach consists of three phases: lead-up, protein deprivation, and supercompensation. These phases operate synergistically to develop the ailments for quite brief muscle mass acquire.

In a nutshell, the lead-up stage consists of your schooling and diet for the several days just before the protein deprivation day. The protein deprivation day is simply just a day without the need of protein. The supercompensation stage is the nutrition and schooling techniques you will use to optimize the rebound off the protein deprivation day.

I initially encountered this approach a range of yrs in the past in the writings of Leo Costa Jr. of The best possible Instruction Programs. He originated this idea immediately after noting that farmers in Bulgaria would rotate protein in and out of the diet programs of their livestock to enhance the quantity and good quality of the meat in the animals. He utilized this approach to humans and body weight schooling with incredible benefits!

Period 1 – The Lead Up

There are several ways you can go about primary up to your protein deprivation day.

The initially way is to proceed with your regular diet and schooling appropriate up until eventually the day you do the protein deprivation approach. Choose it rather simple on your schooling – operate tough but will not force by yourself. Choose a comprehensive day (or two) off schooling the day just before you do the protein hunger day to make confident you happen to be totally rested.

The second system involves briefly limiting your carb intake just before the protein deprivation day. (It is significant to look at with your medical doctor just before limiting carbs in your diet, primarily if you have by no means accomplished it just before.)

Mainly, during the three days primary up to your protein deprivation day, you will maintain your carb intake to all over thirty to 50 grams per day (will not change everything else in your diet, just minimize your carb intake).

Proscribing your carbs will deplete your body’s glycogen stores, forcing it to depend additional on fat and protein for power. Don’t forget the illustration I used in the beginning of the write-up about carb- loading? In the supercompensation stage, you will see how limiting then reloading your carbs, when properly merged with protein deprivation, can actually shock your human body into new muscle mass advancement.

Period 2 – The Protein Deprivation Day

This is the day that will established up the supercompensation, muscle mass-developing stage. In essence, you will be having only fruit currently – practically nothing else. You will be wholly removing protein (and fat, incidentally) from your diet. What are the benefits of this? Your human body takes advantage of up its protein stores and, just like in carb-loading, this makes an urgent have to have in your human body to retail outlet the missing nutrient when it receives it yet again.

Try to eat as significantly fruit as you want on this day – apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, what ever. You will not have to have to restrict your intake at all. As lengthy as you maintain having fruit, your human body will use up its protein stores (identified as the cost-free amino acid pool) and established up the supercompensation stage. Also, having only fruit for a day is quite cleaning to your human body. You could even locate this day helps your digestive technique operate better.

As considerably as schooling goes, you have several options:

1. You can get a day off schooling. Relying on how your human body reacts to protein deprivation, you could not come to feel like schooling at all. This is high-quality. You will however get the outcome of the protein deprivation, just not as strongly as if you have been schooling.

2. Do a regular exercise session. Educate the way you often educate, managing the day as just an additional day in your exercise program. Performing out will help to increase the outcome of the protein deprivation day by creating an even additional urgent have to have in your human body to hold on to protein.

three. Crack it down tough. To optimize the supercompensation outcome of the protein deprivation day, educate for maximum muscle mass breakdown. Use hefty, standard workouts and actually force by yourself, e.g. use workouts these as squats or deadlifts, bench press, bent-around rows, shoulder presses, barbell curls and dips. Instruction like this on a protein deprivation day will deliver your human body into a panic. It will actually be prepared to suck up that protein!

Be quite careful when schooling on the all-fruit day for the initially time. You could not have as significantly toughness as you normally would. Be confident to take in a lot of fruit or consume fruit juice quickly immediately after you have concluded your exercise session. It is also significant to consume a lot of drinking water on this day as your human body will be flushing out a lot of poisonous byproducts from the technique.

Period three – Supercompensation

This is the stage you have been waiting around for. You have just concluded depriving your human body of protein for an full day and it can be prepared to begin sucking it up.

The initially day is the most significant day. Begin your day with a protein shake (if you have that obtainable) quickly on waking. Each and every food you take in currently ought to be quite substantial protein. To optimize the outcome of the protein deprivation day, you ought to check out to take in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight Minimum amount (i.e. if you weigh 200 kilos, take in 200 grams of protein). If you can take in additional, do it.

Continue on having quite substantial protein meals for the following three to 5 days. Your human body is in the approach of reloading with protein and you want to make confident you give it as significantly as you maybe can (just like with carb-loading). Your human body will be supercompensating for the protein deprivation day by grabbing and keeping on to a lot additional of this protein than it normally would.

Now you will have to educate to consolidate into muscle mass the further protein your human body is keeping on to. For finest benefits, you will have to have to educate tough and hefty. Use standard workouts these as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and so on. for sets of six to eight reps. Since of the protein deprivation and supercompensation outcome, your human body will be seeking to hold on to a lot additional protein, i.e. muscle mass mass, than regular.

Now, don’t forget in Period 1 in which I described a limited carb model of the lead-in stage? This is in which it actually exhibits its electrical power. Not only are you executing a protein-load in the third stage, you will also be executing a carb-load! What does that suggest for you? It implies even greater muscle mass advancement.

When you take in carbs, your human body secretes the hormone insulin. Insulin is the body’s important storage hormone. It helps the human body retail outlet carbs. It helps the human body retail outlet fat. But, most importantly for us, it also helps the human body retail outlet protein. By limiting carbs for a few days, you sensitize your human body to carbs and insulin.

This is why this is significant: you have just eliminated protein from your diet for a day and your human body is prepared to suck up every single very last bit of protein it can. Now you can also flood it with carbs (and insulin) which your human body is now additional sensitive to because of your former carb restriction. The consequence: your muscle tissues get up even additional protein, which implies you can acquire even additional muscle mass quite swiftly!


It really is actually incredible what an extraordinary outcome purposefully limiting or removing a important nutrient these as protein (or carbs) can do for muscle mass advancement. Your human body is greedy. It will not like to be deprived. By using one thing away, you can fool your human body into keeping on to a total lot additional of it when you bring it back again.

With the techniques described in this write-up, you can incorporate kilos of new muscle mass to your human body in a quite quick time period of time.