Though many people are aware of effect of body weight, they are still careless about the health and do not want to change their food habit according to their age. Due to heavy weight some people face various problems in their daily life. Many people think that burning excess fat from the body is the real hard thing than any other work in their life. Actually it is the simplest work than any other work out to be followed regularly. Actually weight loss is not a drastic work to be followed everyday or taking pills or using fitness gadgets.

The real work out for weight loss is to do every day with small changes slowly and steadily. Even if it takes time its always better to go for long term results which would be safe and more effective than using pills and gadgets. We must be ready to burn 3500 calories a day to reduce minimum of one pound that is nearly half a kilo per day. It may be hard to read but it is as easy as doing routine work in our daily life.

It is always safe to use calories calculator to calculate how many calories we burn during we sit, stand, exercise and each and every small work we do in our daily life. Doing regular exercise helps a lot to burn calories very easily. So try to walk, run, and climb stair case instead of using lift, which is one of the best ways of burning calories regularly. It is always safe to take food according to the work we going to do on that particular day.