An Aerobic dance | 34th annual sports day| KV ONGC, Agartala |

This beautiful aerobic dance is presenting after welcome song by students of KV ONGC, Agartala on the occasion of 34th annual sports day at KV ONGC play ground on 14 Feb, 2018.

Total Participants are 25-

Some of them are as-
Anupama Ram (Class IX B)
Priyanka Chauhan (Class IX B)
Rituja (Class IX A)
Sumaiya Akthar (Class VIII A)
Hridhi Viswas (Class VIII A)
Kumari Ambika (Class VIII)
Lisa Malik (Class VIII A)
Subhra Debnath (Class VIIA)
Rishita Das (Class VII A)
Ridisha Das (VII B)
Trisha Dey (VII B)
Hrishita (Class VII B)
Ishita Baidhya (VII B)
Sonali Chakraborty (VII B)
Anasuya (Class VI B)
Lija Das (Class VI B)
Saini Debbarma (V B)
& Other students of KV ONGC School.

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***Other Dance & Song of annual sports day as welcome song (Swagat Gaan)**”

***Other link for other song by the same students of school is- Christmas song

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***Credit for the background song
Song-Better when I’m dancin’-28221
Artist- Meghan Trainor
(The Peanuts Movie (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)

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Girls of Aerobics Oz Style in GOLD Stretching with AOS Instructors June Effie and Wendy Pt1

Girls of Aerobics Oz Style in GOLD Stretching with AOS Instructors June, Effie and Wendy Pt 1

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The AOS Girls and Guys all perform. We have Jodie Low, Michelle Nicholas, Taryn Noble (Polovin), Kelly Martinovich, Poppy Wolanski, Amanda Breen, Mia Baker, June Jones, Gaby Kahn, Vanessa Sanchez, Erin Jayne Gard, Erinjayne Gard, Helen Tardent, Effie Michaels, Wendi Carroll, Wendy Carroll, Kate McCracken, Michelle Dean, Emma Whitty and Anton Scott.

Aerobics Oz Style is a famous Australian aerobics exercise program that run from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, which featured a large range of Aerobics Leotards worn by the Aerobics Oz Style team, performing aerobic abdominal exercises, aerobics body toning, body conditioning, kick-boxing aerobics, low impact aerobics, pilates exercises, Martial Arts Aerobics and vaious Aerobics Routines.

Aerobics Oz Style was a long-running Australian aerobic exercise instruction television series, shown in Australia on weekends and then weekdays on Network Ten at 6:00 am then 6:30 am and distributed to many other countries. It was cancelled by Channel Ten at the end of 2005. AOS will continue to be broadcast on Australian television via AURORA Channel 183 – on the Foxtel Digital, Optus and Austar platforms – which broadcasts Aerobics Oz Style every day at 6.30am AEST and also 2.00pm AEST. In Europe Aerobics Oz Style is broadcast daily on Sky Sports 1 or Sky Sports 2 at 6:00 and it’s repeated daily on Sky Sports 3 or Sky Sports 4 at 11:30 and 16:30. In 2011 Sky Sports started to broadcast additional airings of the show. The program is now aired in the small hours of the morning, as early as, 00:30. The series began in 1982 and had run continuously through until 2005, with over 4,500 episodes produced, by production company Zero1Zero. The format remained consistent throughout its run. Each show was 30 minutes divided into four segments, one of warmup exercises, two main exercise segments, and a stretch/cool-down segment. One instructor leads the exercises, with four instructor / demonstrators following to the side and behind. Later shows were shot outdoors at scenic locations around Sydney, in earlier shows an indoor studio was used.

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Ultimate Body Press Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings Package

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