As the New Year approaches thousands will make the decision to embark upon a new fitness program. The success of their New Years Resolutions will depend upon this decision. Some will join a support group like Weight Watchers, while others will go it alone. There will also come a time when they will consider hiring a Personal Trainer.

When hiring a Personal Trainer the potential client has to make a choice. To train in the gym? Or train at home? Both have their perks.

The gym: With a gym you can do a large variety of exercises. Not only are their machines, but in most cases, gyms offer aerobics classes that are included in the membership. Participating in group classes is a great way to get your cardiovascular fitness in without being bored on the treadmill for an hour. Using strength machines at the gym can be very beneficial, if you learn how to use them properly. Hiring a trainer will ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout, while learning the proper techniques to avoid injury. If you are going to join a gym and try to "go it alone," your best bet is to join a facility that offers machine orientations with a staff member or trainer so that you will feel comfortable enough to try new things.

Home Training: Home training is wonderful, however most get discouraged if they do not have a trainer for motivation. It is easy to get distracted when training at home. Since you do not have to worry about a long-term gym membership or contract, this frees up some money in the budget to hire a Personal Trainer. In-Home Personal Trainers are an elite group who are among the best. In-home Personal Trainers are creative and flexible in the types of exercises they give clients. It keeps the trainer on his / her toes to keep up with the latest trends and effective exercises to target certain areas of the body. In-home training will focus a lot on form, as the client will be using tools that require balance. Having a trainer come to you can also be quite convenient if you have a hectic work schedule.

Either choice you decide to make is a healthy step in the right direction. No matter what you do, stick with your fitness program 100%! That is how you see results.