Again in the saddle down at the beach this early morning tho’ it was mighty chilly….brrrrh !. As I only commenced taking photographs down there since very last December it has been delightful identifying the light and the atomesphere down there and how they adjust through the calendar year.
Noticed this delightful pair hanging out on their personal savoring the show this early morning. They had a gymnasium bag total of rocks attached to their leads so that they would not operate away. They were incredibly considerably pudgy pugs and were barking at all the surfers/joggers/photographers – everything that moved really. Turns out this pudgy twosome belonged to the Personal trainer who was killing about ten ladies on the beach this early morning with rigorous workout – time probably to give your doggies honourary membership ???

Posted by rosiebondi on 2014-07-05 00:43:34

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