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Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

With growing age, one will need to pay more attention to keep the body fit, have good control on the body movements and have adequate balance too. Regular exercising becomes a prerequisite for being fit especially for the elders. If visiting a gym or going out for work-outs is inconvenient, the old people can be provided with suitable equipment to work-out in their homes itself.

These exercises will be aimed at improving the flexibility, strengthening the muscles and having a wider range of movements of the body. These should be commenced on consultation with a doctor. Some such equipment that can be used for these purposes are:

• Elliptical Machine: This is used to practice movements which are at par with walking or running out-doors. It is less stressful on the joints and the elder has lesser chances of injury.

• Free weights: One can choose weights which can be lifted comfortably without straining. They are available in the form of dumbbells and are perfect for toning muscles.

• Recumbent stationary bike: This is a better option as compared to stationary bikes, since they lay lesser stress on the back. This can be used for strengthening leg muscles.

• Treadmill: One can select the pace of work-out as is comfortable and feel the entire body getting exercised.

• Yoga blocks: These are made of foam or bricks and are positioned in such a manner that no part of the body gets strained while exercising or practicing different postures of yoga.

• Other equipment include stair-stepper, rowing machine, resistance band, mini exercising trampoline, and stability ball.… Read More

Republic of Korea (KOR) – 2018 Aerobic Worlds, Guimaraes (POR) – Dance Qualifications

FIG Official – 15th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – Guimaraes (POR), June 1-3, 2018
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Greene County Family Fitness Challenge

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Dancing – The Best Aerobic Exercise For Women

Dancing is an art form, a way to express yourself, a great way to reduce stress, and an easy way to loose weight. I have danced my whole life. I did ballet for 9 years, then hip hop, and now I dance with my 5 year old daughter around the house, and pretty much every time I have a couple of drinks in me. Every time I dance I am completely happy. Dancing is an amazing form of exercise because it is incredibly fun and gives you a total body work out. You can work out just about every muscle group in the body and keep your heart rate up.

One of the most fun and current dance forms used as exercise in gyms all over the nation is zumba. Let me tell you, this is FUN. I took my first zumba class about year ago and fell in love. Zumba is a Latin dance aerobics class that usually lasts 45 min to an hour. It incorporates salsa and hip hop and is very fast paced. Your heart rate will stay up the whole time. By the end of the class you will have gotten an incredible workout without even realizing it.

If dancing has never really been your thing and you feel a little uncomfortable dancing in front of other people, rent a dance workout DVD. It’s a great way to give it a try and workout in your own living room. This is also a great way to teach yourself to dance and move if you want to practice before dancing with a group. I love to pop a DVD in and workout in the morning or lunch time. My favorite is hip hop abs.

Feeling the energy & dieting power of aerobic dance is an exciting and fun way to break up the monotany of your workout routine. I get so bored with ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills. I love to dance and will continue to dance my whole life.… Read More

Finland 2 (FIN) – 2018 Aerobic Worlds, Guimaraes (POR) – Trio Qualifications

FIG Official – 15th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – Guimaraes (POR), June 1-3, 2018
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Hot Springs 2009 – Exercise Room

Physical fitness equipment from the turn of the century

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Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 3 Bild 7

Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 2 Bild 6

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What Is A Personal Trainer

Imagine stepping into the gym for the first time in your life. There are so many machines and gadgets. What do you do first? Is this one safe? Are you using it right? There are so many questions to ask about trying to get physically fit as well. How much should you push yourself? How much is too much?

A personal trainer is someone who steps in and will coach you through your weight loss regime. What is it that a personal trainer does exactly?

Finding Out What A Personal Trainer Does Is Step Number One

Whenever I want to find out what it is that a personal trainer does, I simply visit the website or look at an advertisement of another personal trainer. From one location that is located in California, I have found the following list to be exactly what a personal trainer does.

Coaching workouts that intensify gradually at different stages

Working to increase improvement function of the body from walking and running, etc.

Keeping a client up to date on nutrition

Practices safe stretching and exercise techniques

Helps to increase muscle tone and metabolism in the body

Minimize the possibility of injury

Increase the client’s self-confidence and put good ‘stress’ to encourage

Eliminate laziness and excuses from stopping the client from getting what they want

What is it that Clients Ask When Looking for a Personal Trainer?

One that I have found says that finding the best personal trainer is to simply ask a lot of questions. If you ask questions of your personal trainer and he or she does not know the answer or doesn’t give an answer you are particularly happy with, a client should simply walk away.

If you are looking to become a personal trainer, expect to hear questions. What is your background? How long have you been doing this? How are you involved in the industry? Do you stay competitive in the industry? What is the education level that you have? Did you get certified in a weekend or are you university educated? Are you continuing to educate yourself on the latest health techniques? Insurance? CPR? First Aid?

If you are able to answer these questions to a client, you’ll be much more likely to sign a client. Above all, personal trainer will make a customer state his or her reasonable goals and set a plan to reach those goal in a healthy and constructive learning environment that will let the client keep the regime for years to come, even if they stop using the personal trainer.

What is it That Separates a Good Personal Trainer from a Bad One?

Like when you shop for anything else, there are good trainers and there are bad personal trainers, but what is the difference?

A good personal trainer would tell you that you should shop around and find the right trainer for you. A lot of corporate gym trainers have sales quotas, do you really think they’re primary interest is your health? Most … Read More