Planet Fitness – The Ideal Fitness Center

Planet Fitness or the 'Judgment Free Zone' is the chain of fitness centers in United States of America. Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone is known to cater the common people or the fitness crazy people who are very conscious about their fitness. Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone gives more priority to the sensitive first-timers.

The specialties of the Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone are:
These clubs offer a wide range of exercise equipment in order to keep us and fit and also to build the cardiovascular competence. There are trainers who can help each member in the gym during their work-outs. The Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone generally offers a minimum rate to its members, there by making it accessible to the common folk. This includes $ 15 as a membership fee. Other perks provided by this club are the Black Card membership which allows free use of facilities to its members, guest allowance each day and 50% discount on soft drinks. For those who are controlled at home clubs have unlimited tanning facility. Apart from this, the Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone have their own Co-ed Zone and Private Clubs for women.

Upon enrollment planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone offers a complete package which includes complete fitness assessment. Based on the result of this assessment each individual's need and requirements are verified and she he is given the required exercise. Based on individual's initial work-out program results they are given the 'acceleration' program in order to speed up their work-out plan. For their maintenance they also offer private personal training sessions where the members can avail the services of the Physical fitness trainers.

In spite of all these facilities Planet Fitness or the Judgment Free Zone have their own exercise rules and etiquette that have to be observed strictly by all the members and its users. These include the prohibition of compound barbell exercises like dead lifts, bent over row exercises and using magnesium carbonate for heavy lifts. The use of dumbbell is restricted maximum up to 80 Pounds. There are also exercise etiquette which should be strictly observed which includes avoiding grunting, swearing or loud psyching up rituals and heart breaking noises from bar drops. Whenever a member breaks this rule an alarm rings to show that they have violated the rules thereby forcing them to follow the rules and regulations.

The name 'Judgment Free Zone' seems to be ironic and restrictive among these rules, but there are still many people who are ready to go for this club because of its reasonable price, variety of exercise equipments, professional guidance and the other facilities the club offers.

To finish of, choice of enrolling in a fitness club or gym depends on you alone. There are various fitness centers like Gold Gym, Peak Fitness, and various other fitness centers as well as health clubs that have opened up their doors to everyone. But Planet Fitness or the … Read More

Orange County Personal Trainer Headshots (12)

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Aerobics Exercises

The aerobics exercises are good cardio vascular exercise. These exercises help to develop cardio vascular strength as well as stamina to the body. These exercises help to work large muscle gropes together bringing activity to the body.

As such these exercises help to make the lungs work harder that develop the lung power of the body and increase the respiratory system. This also means that it improves the stamina of the body that helps in performing other activities and exercise. It is a misconception that aerobics are only for women.

The exercises are also very much important to the men. These exercises will help develop the flexibility that will aid in reducing the chances of injuries to the body. These exercises also help in the continuous development of the body. The exercises work to increase the activity level and the oxygen supply to the various parts of the body.

This means that there will be more energy released from the different parts of the body to perform different exercises. These exercises also actively aid to reduce weight. The exercises are perfect for people who are only recommended to low impact exercise. The exercises help in rehabilitation of the injuries. Below listed are some benefits and types of aerobic exercises:

These exercises help in increasing the energy levels of the body.

These exercises are known to reduce the stress levels of the body.

A regular aerobics exercises is known to have a better mental health.

The aerobics exercises are known to reduce the chances of high blood pressure.

The aerobic exercise reduces the risk of heart attack as well as stroke.

The exercises help in strengthening the cardio vascular system.

These exercises are best in aid in weight loss.

Aerobics exercises work out the entire body. As a result even the areas that are neglected by the regular work out session are worked out during aerobics exercises.

The exercises help in burning calories and also help in shaping up your body.

You can work out these exercises from your home. There are no special equipment required for the basic aerobic exercises.

Equipment such as skipping rope or a medicine ball that are easily available can be incorporated into these exercises.

Running and jogging are both good forms of aerobic exercises.

If you are a bit more adventurous then you can also try biking for about 3 to 5 times during a week. … Read More

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Weight Loss – The Physics Behind Fat Loss

Control Your Weight with the Power of the Universe!

Finally, you will totally understand and be able to completely control your weight using the power of physics. The laws of physics describe how our universe works. When your weight loss plan follows the laws of the universe you can be absolutely certain your plan is going to work. You will succeed.

How do I know this? I know this because the laws of the universe are always in effect. There is never a time when these laws take a break. The laws are always working everywhere and on everything.

You Can’t Break The Law

Even if you wanted to break the laws of the universe you couldn’t. Demonstrate this to yourself, jump up into the air as high as possible and then stay there, don’t come back down for an hour or two. This is impossible because of the law of gravity.

Just as you are subject to the law of gravity, you are subject to the most important law governing how much you weigh.

The law is called The First Law of Thermodynamics, and is also known as The Law of Conservation of Energy.

This law states: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

What does this mean for you? It means the energy you consume cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

Calories are a measure of food energy. This means the calories, the energy you consume, can be used for running your body or transformed and stored as fat.

Let’s take a look at what this means in terms of weight management. If your calorie intake is greater than your calorie expenditure, you will gain weight. If your calorie intake and expenditure are equal, your weight will stay the same. If your calorie intake is less than your expenditure, you will lose weight.

The Ice Cream Diet

Here are some extreme examples used only to demonstrate this point.

These examples are definitely not recommendations.

If you ate just ice cream, and you ate fewer calories than you needed you would lose weight.

If you ate just green beans, and consumed more calories than you needed you would gain weight.

Weight loss is all about calories.

Weight loss is all about calories.

I said that twice because it is so important. When you get this, really get this, you will understand why you are, or aren’t losing weight.

Know Your Numbers

In order to be successful in the game of weight loss you need to know two numbers: your personal energy balance equation and the number of calories in a pound of fat.

Your personal energy balance equation is simply the number of calories you need versus the number of calories you consume.

The tricky part of this equation is determining the number of calories you need. (For a close approximation simply multiply your weight by 24 and then divide by 2.2. For example: A 135 pound woman-135 * 24 = 3240. 3240 / 2.2 = 1472. This woman … Read More

Build it, they will come


I refuse to pay for a gym membership.

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Personal Trainers – Are You Doing These 3 Essential Marketing Techniques?

There are plenty of marketing tips for Personal Trainers to help promote their business, but there are three that can give your Personal Training Business a quick, solid reputation.

First, develop your testimonials.

Testimonials are a key first step. Take before and after photos of your clients. Type up their brief story: their goal, how you helped them achieve it and how long it took. Put up a display or board to showcase their achievements. If you are doing any newspaper advertising, testimonials like this make excellent ads. However, do not forget to ask for your clients' permission before putting their success stories up on any public space. Usually clients are flattered when they are featured and best of all, they're often willing to create a great testimonial for you as a trainer. In addition to boosting your business, you are giving them well-deserved recognition!

Write a column

Speaking of newspapers, ask your hometown paper if you could write a weekly or monthly column for publication. Rather than be paid, you can approach the paper and ask instead for a small photo and byline with your article. This will get your name and face in front of the public for free. While the newspaper gains readership by offering service, you are building yourself as an expert in the field.

If you have a local radio station, ask if you can be a guest on the air to discuss personal training, typical issues clients face, or answer phoned in questions. This is a great free promotion and puts your business out there in the playing field.

You may apply the same principle to the Internet. As a world-wide medium, you will extend your knowledge around the globe!

Get in the Paper

The third gem of a marketing strategy is to create and write a newsletter. Prepare it monthly and send to all your clients and to potential clients. This does not have to be fancy, especially if you are sending it by email. Just compose an email detailing upcoming events, special offers, information on supplements or health products you promote, and of course testimonials. Send it out to your clients and if possible, to potential clients too. As you accumulate more leads, add them to your newsletter list. Remember when emailing a newsletter or mass email to keep the receivers' names and addresses private. Your best option would be to use an email autoresponder.

One way to do this in most email programs is to put your contacts in a group or simply put all the addresses on the "bcc" line. (BCC means Blind Carbon Copy.)

If you want to hire someone to whip up a superbly designed email you can, but this is definitely something you can keep simple and just do yourself. Almost all autoresponder services have templates you can use to make your newsletter look highly professional.

Follow these great marketing tips and you will soon be reaping the rewards in your business! … Read More

Zumba Dance Video

You can watch this Zumba dance video. And when you finish, go to There you will learn all about weight loss.

You know I that aerobics is another form of cardio (Cardiovascular) Exercise? It is amazing. Especially at burning those calories. Which if you are overweight, then you need to do.

Try doing some of these great exercises in this video. Do it regularly and you will start to see yourself losing weight. Of This, there can be no doubts whatsoever.

If you want to, you can check out all of my reviews on-


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Stranger #13 in my 100 Strangers Project

Tylor – Pleasanton, California

My boss, another colleague and I went out to lunch today.

I decided that today I could score some stranger shots so I took my camera with me, to lunch.

I looked around the restaurant, there really wasn’t anyone I wanted to approach. Besides, this place is really really dark (bad lighting).

We sat down, we ordered, we ate, and we were done.

Just when I thought that I had to go back to work empty handed, Tylor popped up.

Tylor was passing flyers in the parking lot. He was promoting 30Day-BOOTCAMP, a fitness center for women.

I took one of his flyers and asked if I could take his photo.

Not only he said yes, he also put down his flyers and started posing for me.

I really could not have asked more.

Opportunities like this I just can not pass up.

Tylor is my Stranger #13 in my 100 Strangers Project.

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