Marissa Miller on Fitness

This is a picture of Marissa Miller on the cover of Fitness Magazine. I personally think she is beautiful and I subscribe to Fitness Magazine, and I still resent the fact that a women’s magazine feels the need to alter their models when they should be catering to realistic, athletic women. Sure, we would all look better if we had our portraits shot and edited by professionals, but for the sake of the mission of the magazine (promoting healthy and active lifestyles among women), such retouching is discouraging, not encouraging.

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SM Aerobic 2017 – DTV Küssnacht am Rigi – Jugend

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Fitness Center/GYM

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Life Fitness Elliptical Reviews – Don’t Buy Another Elliptical Till You Read This!

Those who prefer a healthier lifestyle consider elliptical machines an integral part of their daily workouts. However, it is a good idea to read the various elliptical reviews before narrowing down what equipment to get for your own gym. The following are popular elliptical machines by Life Fitness.

Life Fitness X1

It is the simplest elliptical model, and it offers the most basic features such as the standard and non-adjustable stride length. While it may be simple, this model is good for those who are still beginners and those who have a tight budget.

Life Fitness Elliptical X3

Elliptical X3 is, indeed, one of the most often purchased machines because of the relatively lower price range (less than $3, 000). This machine enables users some customization options by letting them choose between either the Basic or Advanced Console. It works smoothly because of the technology called WhisperStride. Users of this elliptical have enjoyed the smoothness of movement while exercising.

Life Fitness Elliptical X3i

This is another version of the Elliptical X3i. It works pretty much the same way except that it has an additional four (4) programs. It does have some new features such as the Activity Zone console, with automatically installs instant controls. It has also magnetic resistance motors, and there are pre-programmed workouts available already in every unit. Elliptical X3i is higly rated.

Life Fitness Elliptical X5

Those who are very detail-oriented in their workouts might prefer this over other elliptical machines because of its advanced Select Stride technology. Users can choose and enable at least four (4) stride lengths, depending on their comfort and convenience. Here, they can also add Basic or Advanced Workout Console.

Life Fitness Elliptical X7

It is one of the latest offers of Life Fitness and despite its being new in the market, those who do elliptical reviews say it is good in providing comfort to users. It is primarily because of the new feature called Whisper eStride. This feature allows users to choose and adjust from seven (7) quiet electronic strides, depending on their level of comfort.

Life Fitness Elliptical X9i

The latest model seems to have the best performance. It offers many benefits to users, including the eighteen (18) programs already available, and it even allows the users to have at least seven (7) personal programs. This is perfect for those who always monitor their heart rate every workout period because it has a wireless heart rate monitor. This product even claims to be of equal quality with Health Club elliptical machines, as its strides have been designed in the same way.… Read More

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Weight Loss Retreats

Weight Loss Retreats

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Joining A Gym Vs Buying A Treadmill For Your Home

Why buy a treadmill for your home if you can go to a gym?

This is a pretty good question. A gym is a “pooling resources” service. A bunch of people put money into a pot (i.e. entrepreneur) who then buys a bunch of fitness equipment a group of people share. Pooling resources is economical and offers better selection. So, why are millions of treadmills sold for home use?

People buy treadmills, and will continue buying treadmills for home use rather than getting a fitness center membership for a number of reasons. If you’re wondering whether to buy a treadmill or join a gym, consider these pros and cons to a treadmill in your home instead of a fitness center membership.

Pros to a treadmill for home

  • Saves time: no travel or changing room time needed.
  • Convenience: workout when you want. No gym hours restriction. Less planning issues. What do I mean by this? When you go to a gym during a busy day you need to fit it in – say before work, during lunch, or on the way home from work. With a home treadmill all you need do is use it whenever you want.
  • Cost: cheaper in the long run.
  • You don’t have to wait for your turn to use a treadmill. Some gyms get very busy at peak attendance times.
  • Use a home treadmill as long as you like. When a gym is busy, you may be restricted to 20 or 30 minutes on a treadmill. At home you can run a marathon any time you like.
  • You get to pick the brand and features of your treadmill specifically to suit your needs.
  • You choose the TV show and/or music.
  • No other people to bother you. Some people love the social aspect of joining a gym. Other people aren’t interested in joining a gym for social reasons. Workout out at home gives you solitude and the option to focus on your workout.

Cons to a home treadmill

  • Unless you spend a fortune, you won’t have all the fitness equipment selection you get in a gym.
  • Won’t enjoy the latest equipment. Gyms typically get new equipment every few years.
  • At a gym you get to use commercial-grade treadmills. A good gym spends thousands per treadmill. Because they buy in bulk, they get commercial grade treadmills (also because a treadmill in a gym needs to be a lot tougher than a home treadmill).
  • At a gym you can unwind in a sauna, pool, hot tub and/or steam room.
  • A treadmill purchase costs a chunk of money up-front.
  • You need to find a place to put your treadmill. If space is lacking, you may annoy your family members.
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