How Fitness Walkers Can Prevent Chafing

Chafing. Nobody likes to talk about it. It's right up there with hemorrhoids and herpes as topics for polite conversation. But if you're walking for exercise, especially if you're just beginning and you're seriously overweight, it's something you need to know about. Because it's quite painful, and if not deal with, can cause serious problems. I know a guy I work with who had to be hospitalized because his chafing got so bad that it would not stop bleeding. Of course, most of the time, it's not that serious. But it can really interfere with your fitness walking efforts. You can lose a couple days or a couple weeks, depending on how different it is. And for beginning fitness walkers, the last thing that they need to do is lose their momentum. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent chafing.

If you want to prevent chafing, you should wear loose fitting shorts, preferably knit, such as long gym shorts. What causes chafing is your upper thigh rubbing against the material in the clothing you're wearing. It's not something you really notice until it's too late. Because in your everyday non-workout life, your thigh is constantly rubbing against your pants. You're used to it, and it's not a problem because you're not moving around enough for it to really affect you. Then, when you head out to walk, and start taking several thousand steps an hour, you do not pay any attention to the rubbing because you're accustomed to it. You do not really notice it until it becomes painful, which means the chafing has already begun. So wear loose fitting shorts. And, ideally, you should wear nothing under your shorts. That's right; no underwear. You're going commando!

A second option is to wear sweat pants. They're not really "cool" anymore, but if you're not worried about that, and you want to prevent chafing, they're great. That's because they have no seams. Seams are usually the culprit in chafing. They're the part of your pants that are rubbing up against your leg. Some people have found that lathering their thighs up with petroleum jelly works wonders. The jelly makes the sweat pants actually stick to your thigh, so there's no rubbing at all.

Use whiche method works for you, either shorts or sweats. The good news is that once you've lost a lot of weight, chafing becomes less and less of a problem, because your thighs do not take up near as much room in your pants. Until then, just follow these guidelines and you can walk for weight loss without fear of chafing.

Exercise is Medicine™-Duration and Frequency-Aerobic Exercise

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has launched Exercise is Medicine™, a program designed to encourage America’s patients to incorporate physical activity and exercise into their daily routine. Exercise is Medicine™ calls on doctors to prescribe exercise to their patients.

The Keys to Exercise Video Series provides tips and best practices for a healthier, more effective workout. This section explains duration and frequency.

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In-Depth Tutorial on Cardio Energy Systems

We are all at different periods of our cardiovascular careers. Cardio training has been around for decades thanks to its power to help men and women to reduce weight. However, it is not often the best technique.

The good news is, in case you're a cardiovascular newcomer, then you definitely will not have to make the same errors. This article will focus on several techniques you can make use of to develop your own personal cardio routine.

Every cardio training beginner must understand the energy systems prior to starting. While aerobic cardio has been one of the most favored kinds of cardio, it is not the most effective. The most used aerobic workouts include stationary exercise bike exercises and distance running.

Aerobic workouts usually take quite a long time to complete, and are low-intensity.

The greatist problem of aerobic exercises is the fact that they do not develop lean muscle. These kind of work-outs also require a lot of time to finish.

The other major energy system is anaerobic. Anaerobic workouts only take 20-30 mins to complete, and are the most effective way to reduce fat, without compromising muscle mass. Anaerobic exercises will involuntarily defeat aerobic because of the muscle building capability. Any benefits you witness as a result of anaerobic strategies are sure to be long-reflecting.

On the other hand, aerobic gains are usually temporary and there can be a good probability you may regain the weight you lost. Aerobic work outs do not develop muscle to replace the fat which was shed. Muscle burns body fat, and is vital to not only decreasing it, but keeping it off.

With your new found understanding of the energy systems, you will have to decide exactly what exercises to use. Nearly all cardio novices starts out with interval training and standard sprints. Interval training develops both the aerobic and also anaerobic system, and is highly-effective for dropping body fat. The traditional sprint is perfect for accelerated final results. Sprints will certainly create strong fast twitch muscle fibers and also amplify athleticism. Do not be afraid of high-intensity work-outs as they are crucial for real fat loss success.

Not only do high-intensity workouts destroy body fat, but they also require much less time to complete. You will complete a full anaerobic period with 15 to thirty minutes, and then melt away two times the amount of calories as you might with a 60-minute aerobic regime. The option is clear, and you must quit wasting your time and effort with inefficient aerobic techniques. … Read More

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Healthy Weight Loss – How to Grocery Shop For Success

Healthy weight loss will basically be the positive result of leading a health and wellness lifestyle. What you eat is only one area in the process but for now we will look at grocery shopping. How you eat from childhood on can have a direct result on weight issues later in life. Therefore, you will want to look at what food changes will bring about your goals for health. The process actually begins well before going to the grocery store or even the restaurant. Healthy choices with intent and planning are the first steps.

Depending on what type of nutritional plan you have decided upon, as well as if you are cooking for a family, with or without children; it all needs to fit well together. Honestly I don’t know anyone who achieved long term success controlling their own food plan and feeding the family poorly with sugary or salty snacks, sugared pops and oversized portions; let alone stopping by fast foods restaurants on any kind on a regular basis.

Grocery shopping for nutritional eating can be quite satisfying for your taste buds. It is quite possible to actually attain healthy weight loss by selecting the appropriate recipes and that too without compromising on the taste factors. One thing many people don’t realize that once they have removed sugar and processed foods from their meals, what they do taste totally changes. But I don’t expect you to believe that until you experience it. Sweet vegetables and more are awaiting your discovery.

Healthy choices for grocery shopping

o First and foremost, always shop with a plan. Sit down each week and plan written menus for yourself or family. Consider number of servings, snacks and drinks for each meal. Be prepared is the word of the day. If you’re going to have a restaurant meal, be prepared for that with your choices made before you ever even leave the house.

o Check your pantry and see what you need to purchase. Then make a list and stick to it! It is surprising how this not only gives you the tools for great meals but saves so much extra money as well. People in general that shop often and without well planned lists spend a lot on impulsive items, most often which are poor food choice anyway. Just makes good money for the store. Only exception should be on staples when they are on sale. Having a well stocked pantry helps so you don’t feel deprived either.

o There is a wise saying for those that take advantage of quality nutrition for their family. It is: Shop the outside edge of any grocery store (with the exception of natural food co-ops).

o Think about it, what is on the outside edge of the grocery store? You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy which includes milk, cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese and such, meats, foul and fish, eggs, breads and often your bulk food items of legumes, whole grains, nuts, flours, rices, barley and … Read More

AEROBIC Music – Fitness Workouts and Dance Vol.04

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Fitness Model Program Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL Oxygen Magazine, At home exercises, Female weight training, Flat abs, Bikini diet Reviews

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How To Choose A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can provide motivation, accountability, instruction, and feedback.

Your personal trainer can help you set realistic weight loss and fitness goals and provide you a roadmap on reaching those goals. A quality personal trainer can help you learn proper exercise technique, prevent injury, teach you about target heart rates, and varied exercise routines and can greatly add to the quality of your life.

So you have decided to hire a personal trainer to help you reach your weight loss goals? Here are some suggestions to help you pick the right personal trainer for you.

Set up an appointment for a consultation – Are they on time? Are they giving all the attention to you or are they busy fielding phone calls and doing other tasks?

Ask them what their credentials are and what is involved in gaining those credentials.

Do you have a good rapport with him or her?

Ask to see referrals and results

Does their training involve cardio, weight training and nutritional advice?

What qualifications does your potential personal trainer have for giving nutritional advice? Do they work with a registered dietician or do they give nutritional advice based on personal experience?

What is their policy if you miss a day? What about if you miss a week?

These are just some ideas to get you started shopping for a personal trainer. Use your own judgment – you will be partnering with your personal trainer for some time. They will be the one who has to motivate you when you are down, keep you on track when you are enjoying your weight loss milestones, and be there for you when you need them.

Keep in mind also that if you are the self-motivated type you can consider finding a personal trainer online. The online personal trainer can provide you quality exercise plans and eating suggestions based on your personal needs. The motivation will need to be provided by you.

Shop wisely, train hard, and enjoy a fit, slim, healthy body!… Read More