SPINAL YOGA WORKSHOP FOR ALL By Yoga Guru Suneel Singh @Chandigarh

BY International YOGA GURU SUNEEL SINGH at Chandigarh DATED 29- 01 2017
The workshop would cover the following contents
Preparatory exercises, Wormup exercises
What is the spine ,role and problems
Relaxation techniques for daily life
Yoga for the neck and back
Pranayam ( Breathing techniques)
Stimulating and balancing all the system of the body including the endocrine , circulatory , respiratory and digestive system .
Learn skill to use different tools of fitness to become self, learn to become more aware of your body ,Increased flexibility .
Yoga Guru Suneel Singh is a gold medalist in Asthanga Yoga Teacher training course from Mantalai (J&k) Yoga Guru Suneel Singh had been rated as one of the top five Yoga Guru of IINDIA . He has done 3050 (Three thousand fifty) yoga programmed in english, Hindi, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri and written more then 2000 article for prominent newspaper & magazines.
YOGA GURU SUNEEL SINGH is a multi -faced personality and has been conducting workshop for corporate houses ,various leading modeling Institutes , Five star hotels ,International school ,bureaucrats. He has taught film stars the skills of yoga to maintain healthy life and fit body
DATED :-29-01-2017 Sunday
Time :- 11:30AM to 1:30PM
CONTACTS – 8146553398,9988649191

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Treadmill Benefits for a Healthier Life

It is very evident that exercising has its benefits when it comes to human health. Be it, increasing the strength of the body and heart; use it as a weapon for weight loss, or controlling that unwanted insulin and sugar. Clearly, one qualified option in today's modern life is joining a fitness center and using the state of the art tools like treadmills and others, for an adequate cardio workout.

Exercising on treadmills puts less stress on the body than running on the roads. It also offers vigilance on certain factors like heart rate monitoring, calories burnt, blood pressure etc. This guide will help users to understand benefits of exercising and especially using treadmills.

Heart Benefits
Cardio is the most preferred work out when it comes to heart-related exercises. Users often ignore the regular exercising that allows staying away from common problems like coronary artery blockages, other cardiac issues etc and often the body may not show symptoms of heart-related issues until it is under severe stress. In fact, treadmill tests are also performed on heart-related patients to observe the symptoms of their conditions, and understanding the risks associated with the patient from the analysis.

Regular treadmill workouts improve blood circulation in the body and also helps in lowering the blood pressure. If you are considering the treadmill workout regimen and you also have a heart-related issue, then talk to your local physician and get a firm advice on how to go about it before starting on it.

Benefits for Diabetics
Treadmills work great for diabetic patients too. Research shows exercising regularly for prescribed durations (if you are not diabetic then even 20 minutes is enough) as this helps to control the insulin levels in diabetic patients. A well-defined lifestyle which includes a right kind of diet and exercising on regular basis is the best form of tackling diabetes. However, it is advisable to consult your local physician before trying the workouts as this routine may vary from individual to individual.

Overall, exercising for around or less than 20 minutes also suffices for starters. This causes the muscles to utilize the excess glucose as fuel and helping in lowering the glucose levels in the body. Using a treadmill can do these wonders for all kinds of diabetic patients and so having one even at your home is handy if you are not fond of visiting fitness centers or a gymnasium.

Own a Treadmill
We understand that stepping out of your homes on a daily basis especially if you are heart patient or diabetic is not easy at all, and so to come around this issue, it is even ideal to own a treadmill. They are more affordable than 10 years ago, and nowadays you also get manual treadmills , which help in burning more calories than the electric treadmills, as you power the belt and not the electricity. They also come a little-curved meaning the treadmills will ensure the incline is a little higher than just the flat surface.

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Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class

Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class
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Fitness Center (3)

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercising on a Treadmill

First of all, let me say that if you are getting up out of the chair or off the couch to exercise, I salute you. As far as that goes, I could care less whether you choose to go out for a walk or use a treadmill. Nor, at least at the start of your new exercise inclusive lifestyle, do I much care wherever you choose to do pushups and other bodyweight exercises, take up yoga, beginning lifting weights, or walking or jogging.

The point is that you are exercising. Once you have started making exercise a part of your life, one of the most important things you can ever do is … wait for it … do not stop!

However, some of you will opt for walking or running either as the major focus of your exercise routine, or as a means of getting the cardio portion of some larger exercise program. At some point, you will be walking through WalMart or Sears and the display of treadmills will catch your eye. You will see price tags ranging from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousands.

To tell the truth, you could easily be sucked in by the high end models and wind up paying $ 5,000 or more for something that seems to do everything but cook your breakfast, wash your back, and sing you to sleep at night!

However, sometimes you do not need all the gadgets and gadgets! Maybe you do not even need a treadmill. Maybe you are just being seduced by the dark side of the treadmill force. There is not doubt that it can be terribly seductive.

Let's take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of exercising on a treadmill. Maybe that will help you decide just how much treadmill you can handle, pardner. In fact, you may decide that you do not really need a treadmill at all!

As an after here, one of the major reasons for owning a treadmill is to get an aerobic (cardio) workout. For many people, and for many reasons, elliptical trainers, stair steppers, and / or stationary bicycles may be a better option entirely. For the moment, however, we will just compare apples to apples and try to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of exercising on a treadmill … or not.

One of the first thoughts a person will have on the subject is "the weather"!

Obviously, a treadmill is generally going to be set up inside. It will be protected from temperature fluctuations and will typically be in a place that is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. It will be accessible during rain, snow, sleet, and dark of night.

Sounds like an ad for the US Postal Service!

Anyway, that's a definite advantage in my book. Score "1" for the treadmill.

So, what's a disadvantage?

Well, what if you want to do something like a triathlon, hike mountain trails, ski, or run cross country? A treadmill, … Read More

Family Fitness Day @ Park 179

Fort Bliss

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Fat Loss Exercises: The Best Ones Around

If someone were to ask your opinion on the best fat loss exercises, your answer would be aerobic. Well, partly true but there is a bigger picture you need to look at. Resistance training plays a big part in burning calories as well. As opposed to aerobic exercises, resistance training exercises burn calories for a longer time after exercise. And, we all know for a fact that more calories burned equates to losing weight or staying lean.

So, how does this work out? For a simple reason that muscles form a major chunk of your body. When you train muscles during a typical resistance training session, your muscles are going to be hungry for calories. Thus, whatever food you eat is used by muscles and not stored as fat. Another key thing you have to remember when you go on a weight loss program is that you are looking to up your metabolic rate. Well, since skeletal muscles are the most metabolically active tissue in your body, what better way to up the metabolism than give your muscles a good workout? Let's have a look at some of the best resistance training as well as aerobic fat loss exercises.

A typical program for quick weight loss should include a minimum of 4 sessions a week. These should combine 2 sessions of resistance training, a session of long slow duration cardio exercises and a session of intense, short burst exercises.

Each session should begin with a 5 to 10 minute of warming up. A thorough warm up to get the core body temperature up and mobilize the joints is important. It also prepares your body for the task at hand.

Resistance training exercises

The best resistance training exercises for express fat loss are the ones called the composite movements. Now, compound movements are the ones where in 2 or more joints are involved, for instance, the squat, dead lifts and bench press. These compounds movements can be done using either barbells or dumbbells. Barbells tend to use more weight whilst dumbbells give you better ranges of movement and also hit the stabilizing muscles more. Some of the best fat loss exercises are squats, dead lifts, clean and presses, bench presses.

Aerobic exercises

Some of the best and most often used exercises for express fat loss are kettle bells, plyometrics, treadmill and the cross trainer.

The treadmill and cross trainer workouts are typically called the long, slow duration aerobic, fat loss exercises. These are good for beginners or for people who have gone off their fitness programs for a while. However, once you have been at these for a couple of weeks or maybe 4 weeks, it's time to go onto the more intense fat loss exercises.

Kettle bell swings and plyometrics are the more intense, short burst fat loss exercises. There are a number of kettlebell moves ranged from swings, both arms as well as one arm along with cleans and presses and the more difficult ones like the treadmills. Kettle … Read More