Can Rapid Weight Loss Cause Back Pain?

It is well-established that being overweight or obese increases one’s chance of experiencing lower back pain. With that in mind, it makes sense to view weight loss as a back pain treatment. Rapid weight loss, however, can cause back pain in a number of ways.


Rapid weight loss diets often revolve around the principle of ketosis, where the body burns its fat due to a decrease in the supply of sugars it receives to burn. Low-carbohydrate diets fall into this category. When cutting out grains and fruits, you will miss out on some of the nutrients you usually receive. The whole body is affected by malnutrition; muscles will not be able to function properly and may spasm or weaken, causing them to become easily strained.

If your diet restricts certain food groups, you should be taking supplements to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Look for diets like Ideal Protein that take measures to compensate for nutrient loss.


Low-carbohydrate diets like Atkins and Zone are diuretic diets; they increase water loss to drop weight quickly. If uninformed or uninstructed, it is easy to become dehydrated while following one of these diets.

The body is made up of about 70% water. Spinal discs rely on water to maintain height and their ability to absorb shock. Dehydration reduces the fluids available to spinal discs, which could lead to speedy disc degeneration, bulging or herniation. Muscles also need fluids in order to receive and absorb electrolytes. When dehydrated, muscles begin to cramp.

If you want to follow a low-carb diet, make sure your plan involves instructions on water intake.

Loss Of Muscle Tone

Some people pursuing rapid weight loss plans with low-caloric intake are instructed to avoid strenuous activities such as exercise for a while, since the body is adjusting to less fuel. Being sedentary can cause rapid loss of muscle tone. The muscles of the lower back and abdomen are meant to work together to support the upper body and the spine’s alignment. As these muscles soften, posture may suffer. Various muscles throughout the back, neck and shoulders become sore and strained due to bad posture.


Some people’s weight loss plans involve high-intensity, regular exercise to help burn fat. If you’re taking in less calories and burning more of them, you may be putting your health at risk.

Your body needs calories for energy and repair. If you’re working your muscles extra hard and giving them less fuel to work with, you’re more susceptible to strains. Also, not resting long enough for muscles to heal is a cause of back pain among dieters. Intense workouts should not be done on a daily basis.


Though an exact reason for this is not know, diets that are very low in fat and/or calories can disrupt the functioning of the gallbladder. This organ assists the liver in the digestion of fats. It is thought that a limited supply of fat prevents the gallbladder from contracting and releasing its … Read More

344: And So It Begins

I’ve never really had a sweet tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I have my share of dietary vices, but most stay on the savory side of the fence. From a health and fitness perspective, not having real cravings for sugary things really helps me stay on track. However, as the holiday’s approach, the amount of parties, vendor gift baskets, and fact that holiday "treats" pop up in every corner of our lives like Dandelions in the park, I do have to summon some discipline. We had our department holiday party today, and the catering was wonderful. This particular tray of sweets was front and center. It made for a nice holiday shot, and one particular selection made for a great post meal treat.

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Barbell Training For Grapplers Made Simple!

A barbell and some plates … what could be more simple? Its probably the way you originally started your journey. Maybe it was a 5 foot exercise bar and some cement weights, but it was still just a barbell and some plates.

Back then you did not care about the latest studies and fad exercise routines … all you wanted was to get big and strong, and that one tool was your path.

Somehow along the way, we've all been kept guard by the "latest and greatest" – from late night infomercials to full page magazine ads – but it's about time we got back to REAL training. Yeah, training with just a barbell might be "old school", but in my book old school training is where it's at.

Especially for MMA fighters and grapplers, where weight training sometimes gets a bad rap, some bare bones barbell training can serve you well. Current Wake Forrest strength coach and former Ohio wrestling coach, Ethan Reeve, used to bust out his barbells after or before tough wrestling workouts so that his athletes could get in their strength work. They worked the basics – Romanian deadlifts, power cleans, front squats from a power clean, lunges and back squats with the help of a training partner, military and push presses, and bent over rows. Nothing fancy about it, but they got RESULTS.

Out of those movements, power cleans were used very heavily for power endurance. Coach reeve would have his athletes do 10 minute combo drills, where they perform a power clean, hang clean, and then another power clean every 30 seconds. Another workout was the famed 10×10 power clean routine where every wrestler on the team was expected to power clean their bodyweight for 10 sets of 10 every 2 minutes … that's 100 bodyweight power cleans in under 20 minutes!

While workouts like that might sound crazy, for Coach Reeve and his wrestlers, they were common place. They understood the value of hard work, and they knew what they could accomplish with simple training tools such as just a barbell.

So the next time you start getting drawn to the "next big thing", think about those wrestlers and remember that a barbell and some plates is plenty. … Read More

Family Fitness Day @ Park 004

Fort Bliss

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Horizon Fitness Treadmills – Which One is Right For You?

You can choose to go to a great health club to work out on one of their treadmills or you can now have a great workout in the comfort of your home with Horizon Fitness Treadmills. They come in all ranges and sizes. Take a look at some of the favorite models.

The Horizon WT950 treadmill can reach high speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It is made for endurance, hard and rigorous training routines and packs 2.25 horsepower. It has an incline motor which can operate at a full power of 3150RPM and 500 pounds of direct thrust from 0 to 12 per cent grade. With a great wireless pedometer which enables you to keep a tally of your daily steps quite easily, you can check the treadmill to know how your fitness is progressing each day. The treadmill has the capacity to upload your daily steps for the day using the treadmill console. It is portable thanks to its featherlight lift feature which uses two hydraulic shocks to help you in raising and lowering the deck. They are able to keep the deck in place above 45 degrees to prevent drops. The ultra compact, fold-on-nose is for safety and maneuverability. It also has a thicker, softer cushioning which is designed to take stress off your legs and joints.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also have another model called the Horizon T20 treadmill which used to be called the Advance 200 and has continued to be one of the best sellers. It is rated highly by all dealers because it attracts buyers from the novice and expert fitness enthusiasts to just everybody searching for a light or casual workout. It is durable and easy to control. It comes from a series of treadmills like the T25, T30, T40, T51, T52, T53, T54, HR. All of them are quality products which are every fitness shopper’s first choice for walking, running, or jogging with or without an incline. They can keep count of the calories burned, distance and speed covered during the workout.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also has a model called the Horizon Cse3 Elliptical that is designed to benefit people who suffer from joint problems. It means that the countless number of people who are tempted to give up exercise can be encouraged to use this particular treadmill. It has low-impact exercise for people with joint problems – whether they wish to lose weight, get in shape or just maintain their existing fitness level.

Ellipticals are sometimes called elliptical fitness machines, elliptical cross trainers, elliptical gliders or elliptical exercisers and provides perfect aerobic workout. They simulate the motions of cycling, walking, skiing, and stepping with very little impact to the delicate joints. With Horizon Fitness Cse3 Elliptical trainer, you do not have to remove the feet from the foot pads which mean that the workout puts very little impact on the knees, ankles, hips, and the back area of your body. This workout treadmill can work both your … Read More

Weight loss Denver

Luma Kai hCG Providing tips on how to identify a weight-loss program that helps with losing weight safely in Denver USA. Call more info toll free 1-888-975-7776
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StromThurmond Fitness Center

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Using The Pilates Ring To Develop The Core Muscles Of The Body

People who are looking forward to flattening and strengthening their abdominal muscles are pretty much acquainted with the Pilates ring. Pilates is said to be designed to focus on the core muscles of the human body through a series of different exercise routines. If you are an avid follower of this type of exercise, then you might have been following instructions from a DVD course or doing workouts at the gym through the use of elaborate fitness tools. Now, doing workouts in the gym on a regular basis can be quite a hassle for some especially for those who are always on a busy schedule and find it hard to visit the latter every time they find the need or want to develop their abdominals. This is why the Pilates ring has been innovated so as to allow the latter type of people to get the opportunity to work out without whenever and where they want to do so. With this tool, you no longer need to have access to complicated gym equipment.

This exercise tool was innovated to be used for people who are practicing Winsor Pilates, which is basically a set of different exercises that take their focus on developing the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, and back which are also known or referred to as the core muscles of the body. Despite the fact that these routines are of low intensity and impact, they are really good and beneficial especially for people whose health levels are low. In order to get the best results, the Winsor Pilates should be carried out at least three times in a week. When this is done, results will certainly be achieved within a time period of one month. Based on this fact, you will know that you need to visit the gym a lot of times just so you can get the results that you want, which may not be that easy to do especially if you have to attend to a lot of things. However, this endeavor will be way easier with the ring.

One of the greatest advantages that this tool can offer is that it will not only give you the chance to develop core muscles but the other areas of your body as well. By using this machine at home, you will be able to develop your abdominal, leg, arm, and chest muscle groups. This tool will allow you to strengthen and tone the different areas of your body. You can use it to focus on a specific problem or you can use it to develop all of the muscle groups that I have provided evenly. … Read More

family fitness night 151

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