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SM Aerobic 2017 – DTV Küssnacht am Rigi – Aktive

Für weitere Informationen besuche unsere Website oder kontaktiere die Geschäftsstelle des STV in Aarau (Telefon 062 837 82 00, E-Mail: [email protected])

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family fitness night 069

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Aerobic Fleur – new in box

One of my most wanted Fleur Dolls

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Fitness Equipment Buying Tips

Fitness Equipment is an important part of a weight loss schedule for many people. During the summer we always get a chance to get out and exercise but in the winter we really have to rely on our home or gym fitness equipment. I have dealt with joining extensively in the past so now I will just assume that you are interested in doing weights and cardio at home with your own fitness equipment.

Cardio Equipment

I thought I would start with Cardio equipment as that is the most common equipment that someone thinks twice about before trying. The first piece of fitness equipment that I bought years ago was a stair machine, actually it was a stepper. When the fad in the late 80’s for stair machine started that is exactly what I got and to be perfectly frank the think sucked. A good quality stair machine should be smooth to use and this stepper was not very good, it was clunky and uncomfortable. After a few weeks out stepper turned into a clothes hangar and just collected dust.

About five years ago my wife and I bought a good quality stair machine and treadmill as our first pieces of fitness equipment! We found a great place that sold new and used fitness equipment and we bought the first two pieces of one year old cardio equipment for about 1600 dollars! (I know this is a bit much for most people) and then each year for the next two years we traded one in and bought a different piece of fitness equipment we would lose about 100 dollars a year on the equipment this way. We now have a good 3 year old stationary bike and a good three year old elliptical trainer. To us this has been the best way to buy fitness equipment that we would actually use. No matter what your budget it is a real treat to have tow pieces of fitness equipment in the house that changes every year.

Weight equipment

Weights and weight equipment is a pretty easy purchase. You need the following:

Weight Bench




My weight bench inclines so that I can have it flat to do my flat bench exercises and then I can angle the back up to do incline bench presses and incline flyes. My bench is pretty stable which is important because the weight exercises are hard enough that you do not want to worry about your fitness equipment falling over while you are using it.

The way that I have done this is that I have two short bars with screw ends to put the weights on and a old barbell that has slip collars that screw in (the generic ones you see everywhere). I bought weights that I could add at any time to either the dumbbells or barbells and in addition to this I have a few rubber dumbbells of 15, 20, 25 and 30 pounds. With these rubber dumbbells I have … Read More

Small Group Personal Training

Stephen Taylor, presides as personal trainer at the Blocker Norfolk Family YMCA

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Got home to find out didnt arrange gym membership and single session costs a bomb!! #nothanks #planb

Got home to find out didnt arrange gym membership and single session costs a bomb!! #nothanks #planb

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2012 Aerobic Worlds SOFIA – Individual Men and Mixed Pairs Finals – We are Gymnastics!

FIG Official – 12th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – SOFIA (BUL), June 1 – 3, 2012

Since his first ascent onto a Worlds podium in 2006, Spain’s Ivan Pajero has not given much leeway to his opponents. The 2008 World champion stood once again on the top step of the podium in 2012. His longtime opponent Mircea Zamfir took silver after losing a tiebreak based on execution and artistry, while his compatriot Mircea Brinzea tied China’s flexible Li Liangfa for the bronze.

Individual Men and Mixed Pairs

00:00:00 Opener
00:00:06 Views of Bulgaria and Sofia


GOLD – PAREJO Ivan ESP – 22.200
SILVER – ZAMFIR Mircea ROU – 21.650
BRONZE – LI Liangfa CHN – 21.600
BRONZE – BRINZEA Mircea ROU – 21.600

00:00:44 Start list
00:00:57 Mircea ZAMFIR Romania – 21.650 – 2nd
00:03:14 LI Liangfa China – 21.600 – 3rd (tied)
00:05:28 Ivan PAREJO Spain – 22.200 – 1st
00:07:55 Mircea BRINCEA Romania 21.600 – 3rd (tied)
00:10:07 Maxime DECKER-BREITEL France – 21.300 – 5th

00:12:20 Final result
00:12:32 Medals Ceremony

Romania and Spain shared the gold medal in Mixed Pairs after Sara Moreno and Vicente Lli Loris notched the highest marks for artistry. Matching them (and beating them in difficulty) were Romanians Andrea Bogati and Valentin Mavrodineanu. Result: Two couples on the top step of the podium. Meanwhile, Russia’s Evgenia Kudymova and Maxim Grinin improved from fifth place during the qualifying round to take bronze, edging China’s Ma Chao and Yang Guang.


GOLD – Romania 2 – 21.650
GOLD – Spain 2 – 21.650
BRONZE – Russia 1 – 21.550

00:12:51 Start list

00:13:03 CHINA 2 Ma Chao – Yang Guang – 21.450 – 4th
00:15:33 SPAIN Sara Moreno – Vicente Lli Lloris – 21.650 – 1st (tied)
00:18:08 ROMANIA Andreea Bogati – Tudorel Mavrodineanu – 00:21.650 – 1st (tied)
00:20:48 RUSSIA 1 Evgeniia Kudymova – Maxim Grinin – 21.550 – 3rd
00:23:27 RUSSIA 2 Polina Amosenok – Aleksei Germanov – 21.000 – 5th

00:26:03 Final result
00:26:15 Medals Ceremony
00:26:39 End

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Marissa Miller on Fitness

This is a picture of Marissa Miller on the cover of Fitness Magazine. I personally think she is beautiful and I subscribe to Fitness Magazine, and I still resent the fact that a women’s magazine feels the need to alter their models when they should be catering to realistic, athletic women. Sure, we would all look better if we had our portraits shot and edited by professionals, but for the sake of the mission of the magazine (promoting healthy and active lifestyles among women), such retouching is discouraging, not encouraging.

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