How To Reduce Weight Quickly – The Paradox

Is it any wonder why a significant percentage of the population is obese, or at least overweight to some degree, when you consider how fast food restaurants keep popping up across the map faster than anyone can count? In addition, the fact that the foods these joints are serving you over the counter (with a smile, I might add) contain stuff that your body cringes at while your appetite says, "Yes, give me more!" does not help the problem. Sure, there are other factors at play, including personal eating choices, family genes, and age. By the way, you have every bit of control of one of these factors. Can you guess which one it is?

How fast a person can lose weight has a lot to do with how that weight was put on to begin with. If your chief aim is to reduce weight quickly, you might consider that rapid weight loss often leaves an individual with loose skin that has many people crawling to surgeons for help.

Contributing factors of weight are worth your attention. They include current weight, height, how many calories you take in daily, your current age, your gender, and how you live your life each and every day.

By the way, it might be pointed out here that being a little overweight is not always a bad thing. There are studies that have been manufactured which illustrate that some slightly overweight people live longer than others at a normal weight. Of course, there are many factors at play. Needless to say, good health is a worthwhile goal to pursue.

You may as well know right here and now that there is no way to reduce weight as quickly as overnight that is healthy for you. Experts in nutrition, personal trainers, and other weight loss entities all agree that a combination of monitoring food intake and regular exercise are what it takes to lose weight in a healthy fashion.

Do you want to experience permanent weight loss success? Then choose a program that is designed to acknowledge both weight reduction and vitality.

A good plan is likely to include lower calorie intake at a reasonable level as well as exercise, including cardio and weight training. By the way, if the idea of ​​"lifting weights" others you, do not be intimidated, because we're not necessarily talking about going crazy with heavy barbells (except that is your preference, of course.)

A healthy eating plan should consist of a balance of foods from all the food groups. Included are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There are plenty of ways to make sure you get all three while doing so in a healthy way. This is where a plan created by health professionals is desirable.

All healthy eating plans are created so as to reduce your calorie intake to some degree. However, this certainly doesnt mean that you must eat less often. In fact, if you really want to know how to reduce weight quickly – at least as quickly … Read More

115*/365 :: Strive a healthy tomorrow

Sawah Padi Tali Air 5, Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia

It’s been a while that I didn’t post my work, I’ve my post processing done couple days back, just didn’t get the right time to post the work I been working on.

Since a month I’ve been trying to do jogging and workout, firstly trying to get back my decent weight, then slowly trying to shape up especially my belly, lastly to maintain the healthy life style as long as I could.

Today is Sunday, wanted to jog but it was raining. I then wait until it stopped, even though it is drizzling, it never stop my perseverance. Just feel good after completed it, at least twice a week I would like to sustain it.

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P/s : This is Photoshop CS 5 and Lightroom 4 editing parts can be seen in the commentary too.

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5 Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer

1. Flexibility in Your Schedule

If you are working for yourself, you get to work the hours you want to work. Schedule time off for travel, holidays, events, continued education and family are all benefits of working as a freelance personal trainer. The downside is that you usually have to work when other people, the majority of your clients are not working – leading to longer days. This can also be a good thing, so keep this in mind.

2. Low Start Up Costs

Whether you work for yourself as a freelance trainer in a 3rd party gym, or visiting clients homes, or running bootcamps, start up costs to run your own fitness business is extremely slow compared to the major of career options out there. There are many options to make a solid personal income without having to invest heavily in equipment, your own gym or studio. Even paying a small rental to use a 3rd party facility, or applying for a license to run a bootcamp in a public park are all extremely low compared to building and operating your own facility.

3. Rewarding Career

There is a big difference between being a trainer, and being a coach. As with all industries, there is always the cream of the crop. The true professionals, the 5-10% who have developed a certain level of expertise in their chosen path which means if you take your career seriously, you can definitely be a part of the top percentile and create a successful career as a personal trainer. The average trainer generally turns up, sees 60 minutes with a client telling them what to do, how many times and move on to the next machine or exercise. A Coach empowers their clients. Educates them, guides them and achieves results. Results and lifestyle are key. Even as trainers, making someone feel good about themselves is rewarding. Changing lives is another level all together. So at the end of the day, helping people feel good about themselves and having a positive fitness experience is key and a rewarding part of the job.

4. Low Barrier to Enter the Fitness Industry

In most developed fitness markets, it is still very easy to become accredited and insured to be a legal personal trainer. In other countries, there is still very little or no minimum requirement to work as a personal trainer. Anyone can become a trainer and it is not reflective on personal ability, credentials or qualifications. Of course, being in a shape, a walking talking testimonial is important for most. Education, certification, CPR, continued education will unduly lead to greater credibility, on the job experience and know how to achieve better results for your clients in the long run.

This leads to better retention, building a larger clientele and increasing the chances of a long term business where you can employ trainers and build a passive income. Personality is key, so if you like being physically active, helping others, inspiring people to live a healthy … Read More

Merrell Women’s Road Glove Dash 2 Hiking Shoe,Fuchsia,5.5 M US

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The Ins and Outs of Abdominal Training

Abdominal training is very misunderstood. There is a common misconception that doing rep after rep and set after set of abdominal crunches every day will give you the six-pack you always wanted. It is a fact that no matter how many ab crunches you do, you will never be able to see your abs unless you have a low enough body fat percentage – and since there is no such thing as spot reduction, its pretty pointless doing all those crunches to get a six pack, unless you plan on doing so many that it will invoke a fat burning response. I can assure you there are many more effective ways to burn fat than doing ab crunches!

In order to see abs, most men have to reach a body fat level of about 10%, while women must reach about 14%. So quit spending your time on crunches and get busy doing some high intensity interval training and resistance based circuit training and work on increasing your lean muscle mass. You will see the consequent reduction in your body-fat level much faster, trust me!

Of course, your lifestyle and diet will also play a huge part in determining your body fat percentage. If you want that six pack for the summer holiday, then the next time you reach for the cookie jar I suggest you consider the statement – "abs are made in the kitchen". With a supportive eating plan and a healthy lifestyle you will see your abdominals flatten and become far more aesthetically pleasing than they ever were through exercise alone.


Try these top tips for getting those flat abs you always wanted!

o Never diet

o Eat regularly to satisfy hunger

o Consume slightly smaller main meals

o Eat high quality food such as organic produce

o Drink plenty of water. Drink your bodyweight in Kg X 0.033 of water in liters per day

o Decrease the amounts of grains you eat

o Decrease the amount of dairy and wheat you consume

o Eat a source of protein at every meal

o Reduce your intake of processed food

o Make sure you get to bed on time


o Move your body

Abdominal function:

For you to train your abdominals properly it is important you know the role of them in the body and how they are separated.

Your abdominals are gross and dynamic stabilizers of the spinal and provide crucial support in all three planes of motion. The lower abdominal muscles are the deepest of the abdominal wall and play a vital role in the stability of the low back. The internal and external obliques are the next deepest abdominal muscles and provide the torso with most of its rotational strength and stability. Finally the upper abdominal muscles act further further during during strenuous and dynamic movements.

Functional abdominal training

Now you know which parts of the abdominals do what – here are some top tips to get a really good … Read More

25 Mins Zumba Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step l zumba dance workout l Zumba Class

25 Mins Zumba Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners Step By Step l Zumba dance workout l Zumba Class
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Family Fitness Day @ Park 114

Fort Bliss

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20th Anniversary of Aerobic World Championships

The 20th Anniversary of Aerobic Gymnastics at the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG)

At the end of 1995, the FIG, in collaboration with the French Gymnastics Federation, organised the 1st “Sports Aerobics” World Championships in Paris.

The World Aerobic Championships were held every year from 1995 to 2000 and since 2000 have been held every two years. To date, 13 World Championships have been held, with at least one on the European, Asian, American and Oceanic continents.

Now 20 years have passed, and it’s time to celebrate with you, the more than 70 member Federations on five continents where Aerobic Gymnastics continues to develop.

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Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 3 Bild 1

Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 2 Bild 12

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Orange County Personal Trainer Headshots (1)

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