Build Your Own Home Gym

Fitness does not have to be expensive. Most people think of home gyms as elaborate matters made of heavy metal frames or sleek high impact plastic ones, with weights, pulleys, and other gadgets sticking out of them.

While these home gym systems are effective, you do not needlessly need them to stay in shape. You can actually build your own gym equipment, using simple exercise gear that will allow you to work out without placing a large dent in your wallet.

The first and simplest piece of equipment you can use is a clean soft floor mat. Make sure it's wide enough to accommodate your body lying on the floor full length, and thick enough to cushion your body from the hard wood or concrete of the floor. Do not make it too thick or soft, as this will throw your balance off when it "yields" under your body weight.

Rubber mats work best for this purpose. This mat can be used for sit-ups and crunches, as well as simple calisthenics like jumping jacks and running in place. Free standing squats on the mat held build up leg strength considerably, too. Even before you start building your own gym equipment, using a simple mat that you can pick up at any department store can already go a long way.

Another exercise tool you can make when building your own gym equipment is push up bars. These are simple and easy. Find a pair of U shaped metal bars, with the bottom of the U fitting your hand's grips comfortably. The ends of the U are then fastened to either wooden blocks or metal sheets (your choice) that will let you place them on the floor. You can wrap the "grip" portion of the bars in foam or heavy tape to make your grip better.

Studies have shown that push ups done when the hands are in a straight fist position are better for the wrists than placing your palms on the floor. These simple handle-bars allow you to do push ups correctly, and from any of the various positions that push ups are done to hit various pectoral muscle groups.

Another piece of gym equipment that's easy to build is a chin up bar. I highly discourage the classic approach some people take of mounting these on a door frame, as this can lead to accidents when people walk in on you. Instead, get a long comfortable bar and mount it one and a half to two feet from a wall. Use mounting and support brackets to ensure that it can take your weight. Set the bar's height at just high enough for you to reach on tiptoes. This height is ideal because you can get enough ground clearance by simply flexing your legs slightly when you do chin ups.

The reason the bar should be set so far from the wall is so you can do pull ups both facing towards and away from the wall. Also, if you … Read More

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Exercise Mat

Modern exercise equipment from the US found in Singapore’s Carrefour. For a second I thought this was Jerry Seinfeld. He’s not. Hey, the shape of the logo… so resonant somehow. Hmm, the woman is making a "V" with her legs.

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The 4 Career Options That One Can Choose With a Certificate in Fitness Training

With the growing scope in career opportunities, there are varied professions one can opt for depending on their area of interest. Being certified for personal training is something several students find interest in and keeping their interest in mind, universities tend to add such degree course in their curriculum. There are several health enthusiasts who like to keep themselves fit and are aware of all aspects of being fit and staying healthy. They can always opt to start a business of their own where they can set up a gym and teach people but having professional knowledge of it can attract more people to learn from them. A certified degree on personal training and can help people to pursue varied professions with lucrative returns. A few professions could be as follows –

• Personal Trainer – For those who are sportspersons, playing and pursuing the game well is something that requires to be fit as well as having a healthy body. Hiring a personal trainer for sportspersons can be helpful as the trainer has sufficient knowledge on the types of exercise one should perform while being a pro at a sport. Apart from the exercises, the trainer has knowledge on the diet the sports person should follow. A personal trainer can be hired for individuals having a setup of their own where they intend to gain personal attention from their trainers in building their body and leading a healthy lifestyle.

• Group fitness instructor – People those who have obtained a certified degree on personal training can also become an instructor for a group. Working at a gym as an instructor, being a trainer in fitness clubs, working in educational institutions and instructing children on exercise and general health, etc. can be a great career option. It is lucrative for them as well as helps to spread awareness to the world.

• Sports Coach – A degree on personal training can help a person to become a fitness coach for sports teams. Being a sports coach for football teams, cricket teams, etc. can help teams to have members who are physically fit to be a part of their team. Performing health screenings for athletes and testing their endurance skills is something that forms a part of their tasks that they are appointed for. Helping the athletes to perform resistive training and cardiovascular exercises can help them gain better health levels to perform during the games.

• Corrective exercise instructor – While a person recovers from an injury or illness, there is a requirement of corrective exercises that would bring back their body to the original self. People having degrees on personal training have the necessary information on such corrective healing through exercises. One can pursue it as a career and become a specialized corrective exercise instructor. Medical centers and hospitals are always in need of such instructors that could help their patients recover well.… Read More

Personal Training in Torornto

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Water Aerobics : Water Aerobic Workout

Water aerobics workouts involve different phases, each of which can help you warm up, stretch and build strength, among other things. Discover beneficial exercises that fit your needs with help from a fitness instructor in this free video on water aerobics.

Expert: Stephen Taylor
Bio: Stephen Taylor is a professional endurance coach.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

Series Description: Water aerobics is good exercise and can be done by anyone, including kids regardless of size, shape or fitness level. Learn techniques for a better workout from a fitness trainer in this free video series on water aerobics.

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