The Ultimate Fitness Pack Review

Most people when they wake up and look at their body in the morning they dream of having the perfect body.


Here are a couple of reasons why millions of people desire to have a healthy body:

  1. When you have a great body you feel good about yourself.
  2. When you take care of your body, you are healthier and and are less likely to suffer from diseases that occurs than having that unwanted fat in your body.
  3. Most people know that if you have a great body are going to be center of attention and the envy of your friends

I know that you have tried different methods to lose that fat and have great abs, but have been unsuccessful and here are some of them.

Some of them are:

  1. Using diets pills and weight loss supplements
  2. Doing a lot of crunches and using a lot of different types of abdominal exercise devices
  3. Doing long hours of cardio exercise to lose that fat.

I know that you feel frustrated because of you have tried all these methods and none of them have worked the way you want them to work for you. But now the way to accomplish this is available because with the help of 12 weight loss experts, they have created the ultimate fitness pack.

What's the ultimate fitness pack?

The ultimate fitness pack is a combination of everything these 12 weight loss experts have searched to help people to lose weight and accomplish that great body. Here are some of the things you can find the ultimate fitness pack:

· Fat loss Review Supplement Manual

· Triple Fat Loss Matrix Videos

· Self Hypnosis Manual

· Abdominal Workouts Made Easy

Proof That My Gym Membership Worked

Photo Booth at Rizal Games on Rizal. An accidental find.

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Family Fitness Day @ Park 080

Fort Bliss

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Screencast 3: Aerobic Decoupling with Running Power

Here is a look at using aerobic decoupling as a measure of aerobic fitness using power instead of pace when running:

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Life Fitness 5500HR Elliptical

Elliptical machine is used but in very good condition. It is built for a variety of low-impact workouts and engineered to be ergonomically correct. This is a well built machineat a fraction of the cost for a new one. It has moveable arms, 20 resistance levels, 19.5 stride length. It displays time, calories, resistance level, distance level, distance, RPM and more. This is a top of the line model. Two are available. $1,099.00

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The Order of Cardio Vs Resistance Work – Which Comes First?

In this article I am going to address an issue that is probably in the top 3 questions I am asked by clients, and that regards: Strength training vs. Aerobic training, specifically the 'order' in which to do them. By now, most of us know that there are 3 main aspects of fitness: strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. You probably also know the little trick to remembering that "FIT" can help you remember the three key factors in your workout: "frequency / intensity / time". But something that seems SO variable among programs and workouts is the old "which comes first" in the session, cardio or strength training. In reality of course, we should always switch these things up anyway, and use periodization when working up our programs, so that we are training our bodies in the most comprehensive way. But beyond that "general" issue, and dealing with a specific workout goal, let's take a look at the body and how one method will produce a different result than the other.

The basics:

Your body stores different types of fuel for different types of 'work'. You have available "quick fuel" in the form of glycogen (sugar) in your muscles and liver. Think of this as 'one' of your body's 'gas tanks'. This is the "main" fuel your body grabs for when you need energy FAST, or need a lot of fuel availability at once, such as intense lifting. You also have that storage tank that we tend to dislike, the all important 'fat cells'. This fat fuel is mostly used for those activities that are low to moderate in nature, as your body needs more time to 'metabolize' this stored substance into 'fuel'. At all times your body uses a mix of fuel (for the purpose of this, and all of my articles, understand that this is somewhat 'simplified' to make the important issues easier to understand). Contrary to many statements made on products, nothing is going to make your body use only your fat OR only the sugar for fuel. However, different intensities most definitely use a different mix of the two.

Aerobic vs. Strength Training:

Note that I am calling this 'aerobic' work, which for this purpose is a bit different from 'cardio', because aerobic, by definition, is 'with oxygen', and involves training at a level at which you can still converse and breathe comfortably, whereas cardio training can be very intense and use mostly glycogen (your quick fuel). You can go on and on when working aerobically, and you will be using a greater percentage of your "fat" fuel during this kind of activity. Anaerobic cardio can only be maintained for a short time, due to the availability of the quick fuel.

For strength training, you need to 'overload' your muscles in order to make them respond and adapt to your work. You need plenty of 'quick' fuel for intense strength training, as your muscle's demand for fuel skyrockets! This is very different from AWT (aerobic weight … Read More

weight loss pic 12

Full Gallery at : Weight Loss Before/After Set 3

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FDA Approved Weight Loss Pill

Alli (main ingredient Orlistat) is the first over the counter FDA approved weight loss pill. Unfortunately, it has embarrassing side effects. If you are over weight and looking for a miracle quick fix to obesity, there simply is not one yet for several reasons.

1. All drugs have side effects, which are unintentional, undesirable, results from taking a drug. One side effect from taking Alli is suddenly having to go to the bathroom. Alli is supposedly to be taken with a low fat diet, so when you eat too much fat your body can not absorb it and it just comes out. Anyone who has lost weight from dieting knows that every once in awhile you eat cake, cookies, fast food, chocolates, potato chips and many other fatty foods. So it would seem this side effect is hard to avoid all of the time. There are also several other side effects besides this one.

2. People have lost weight while using Alli, but they were predominately relying on a low fat healthy diet and exercise. The results seem to be very graduate, I think one person lost 40 pounds over the course of one year. No noticeable changes in the first week. But many people have lost more than 40 pounds in a year by only using diet and exercise.

3. As you probably guessed, Alli is not free. If your financial condition changes will your dependence on a FDA approved weight loss pill change? Exercise is free! You do not have to pay a fortune to lose weight. Losing weight can be simple. Track the calories you consume throughout the day and the calories you burn from your various activities. Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight.

So it would seem a healthy diet and exercise is not outdated yet. If you are not eating healthy and exercising daily, most likely you are not losing weight. No FDA approved weight loss pill will change that any time soon. The good news is there are places that can show you how to eat healthy and find an exercise activity that you love. If you are ready to make a change in your eating habits and exercise routine, I believe you can lose weight, pill or no pill. … Read More