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Ironman Refugees

For most triathletes out there their journey to Ironman distance racing is an evolutionary proceeding which starts with the sprint triathlon. There are exceptions, and most likely quite a few that simply kick-off their triathlon age-grouper career with an Ironman distance race. However, these individuals are usually in the minority. The evolution of your typical triathlete goes something like this.

Stage 1: Sprint Triathlete:

I wanted to get into shape so I decided to enter a sprint triathlon to lose some weight and help motivate me to train, and to be more healthy. These individuals are usually in need of some exercise and benefit a great deal from their training, coaching, and time spent on the bike, at the pool, and on the trails/road running. They usually feel very vulnerable and much like a fish out of water for several triathlons but they soon become adept at the transitions, pacing strategies, and the whole triathlon culture within a couple years of racing.

Stage 2: Olympic/70.3 or Half-Ironman Triathlete:

If a little is okay then a bit more is better. Or so the belief goes. This may hold true, especially for the Olympic distance racers, depending on one’s goals. Now that is the operative word, “goals”. The triathlete’s goals tend to change from wanting to be healthy and in decent shape to wanting to see where one stands when compared to age mates. This may not always be the case, as there are quite a few ultra-competitive sprint triathletes. However, the tendency in the triathlon/endurance community is “longer is better” when it comes to training and racing.

At this point you will begin to see individuals spending more and more money on coaching, race wheels, bikes, wetsuits and so on. Now the goal has definitely changed from simply being healthy to being competitive in one’s age group. The initial goal of being healthy has suddenly taken a secondary position to placing in one’s age group. As a result, weight training is more often than not neglected for more time on the bike/in the pool/on the road etc.. NSAIDS are beginning to be used more often in order to speed recovery for overuse injury.

Training regiments become more demanding. Diet becomes more focused on weight loss rather than healthy nutrition. As a result, the triathlete begins to start trading health for speed. Fitness increases in one’s specific sport but overall health declines due to over training, poor diet, muscle loss, excessive fatigue, less time for family/loved ones, and so on. Of course this is a continuum and may or may not occur depending on one’s physical attributes, age, life situation (kids) and so on. However, for your typical 30-40 something age grouper, this is usually the case.

Stage 3: Ironman Triathlete:

The Ironman triathlete has completed the distance and may have done so a number of times. This is usually 3-5 years along the evolutionary process of becoming an Ironman. Yet again, there are those that simply go out and complete an … Read More

Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 3 Bild 3

Step Aerobic Choreography Made Easy Vol. 2 Bild 10

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Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Review: Ultimate Upper Body Workout

The iron gym pull up bar is a portable piece of exercise equipment that you can fit in a conventional door frame 24 to 32 inches wide, and supports up to 300 lbs. The durable structure uses leverage to hang from the door frame, so it does not require any screws and does not damage your door; and it takes only a few seconds to be useable. Just as easily as setting it up you can take it down, and store it anywhere in the house. It is Portable, only weighing 4.7 pounds; you can literally take it anywhere and get a good workout any time.

With the ultimate exercise bar, you can easily fit a workout into a busy schedule. It is an affordable option instead of buying expensive and bulky exercise equipment or a gym membership (that you usually do not have time for). This is an ideal choice for people who might not have the space at home for conventional exercise equipment, as you can store it anywhere, even under the bed. This Iron gym pull up bar review describes the advantages of this amazing workout bar over regular exercise equipment, and the basic exercises you are able to perform.

Why the pull up bar?

Regular exercise equipment are expensive. Take note I used "are", implying that you would need more than 1 set to get a good workout. And did I mention that they are expensive? The best work out bar is an affordable multi-function training bar, able to give you a number of different exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups and variations, as well as being a stable base for tricep dips and deep push-ups. You can even fit it in the base of your door for crunches, and you can do all this in a number of seconds. Plus, the pull-up bar is also portable; you can hand-carry it where you go for a consistent workout even if you travel a lot.

I just bought the best in exercise bar; what do I do with it?

If you are a beginner, just remember that chin-ups and push-ups are difficult to do. Do not expect you will be able to perform a dozen reps in a day; it is always generally good idea to build your core first; the muscles around your abdomen and lower back. They are essential for good posture, preventing back pain and improve all areas of athletic ability; a strong core provides the foundations upon which all other muscle gains are made. Also remember to warm up properly, to prevent strains and muscle tears. It is equally important to stretch after a good workout, as it helps flush out lactic acid out of your muscles (a by-product of a good workout) which can prevent some muscle soreness. Good flexibility also allows you to work your muscles through a larger range of motion which will help you get fitter and stronger faster.

There are 3 different grip positions on your exercise pull up bar; … Read More

Interval Weight Training Weight Training Circuits

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SPINAL YOGA WORKSHOP FOR ALL By Yoga Guru Suneel Singh @Chandigarh

BY International YOGA GURU SUNEEL SINGH at Chandigarh DATED 29- 01 2017
The workshop would cover the following contents
Preparatory exercises, Wormup exercises
What is the spine ,role and problems
Relaxation techniques for daily life
Yoga for the neck and back
Pranayam ( Breathing techniques)
Stimulating and balancing all the system of the body including the endocrine , circulatory , respiratory and digestive system .
Learn skill to use different tools of fitness to become self, learn to become more aware of your body ,Increased flexibility .
Yoga Guru Suneel Singh is a gold medalist in Asthanga Yoga Teacher training course from Mantalai (J&k) Yoga Guru Suneel Singh had been rated as one of the top five Yoga Guru of IINDIA . He has done 3050 (Three thousand fifty) yoga programmed in english, Hindi, Punjabi, and Bhojpuri and written more then 2000 article for prominent newspaper & magazines.
YOGA GURU SUNEEL SINGH is a multi -faced personality and has been conducting workshop for corporate houses ,various leading modeling Institutes , Five star hotels ,International school ,bureaucrats. He has taught film stars the skills of yoga to maintain healthy life and fit body
DATED :-29-01-2017 Sunday
Time :- 11:30AM to 1:30PM
CONTACTS – 8146553398,9988649191

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Treadmill Benefits for a Healthier Life

It is very evident that exercising has its benefits when it comes to human health. Be it, increasing the strength of the body and heart; use it as a weapon for weight loss, or controlling that unwanted insulin and sugar. Clearly, one qualified option in today's modern life is joining a fitness center and using the state of the art tools like treadmills and others, for an adequate cardio workout.

Exercising on treadmills puts less stress on the body than running on the roads. It also offers vigilance on certain factors like heart rate monitoring, calories burnt, blood pressure etc. This guide will help users to understand benefits of exercising and especially using treadmills.

Heart Benefits
Cardio is the most preferred work out when it comes to heart-related exercises. Users often ignore the regular exercising that allows staying away from common problems like coronary artery blockages, other cardiac issues etc and often the body may not show symptoms of heart-related issues until it is under severe stress. In fact, treadmill tests are also performed on heart-related patients to observe the symptoms of their conditions, and understanding the risks associated with the patient from the analysis.

Regular treadmill workouts improve blood circulation in the body and also helps in lowering the blood pressure. If you are considering the treadmill workout regimen and you also have a heart-related issue, then talk to your local physician and get a firm advice on how to go about it before starting on it.

Benefits for Diabetics
Treadmills work great for diabetic patients too. Research shows exercising regularly for prescribed durations (if you are not diabetic then even 20 minutes is enough) as this helps to control the insulin levels in diabetic patients. A well-defined lifestyle which includes a right kind of diet and exercising on regular basis is the best form of tackling diabetes. However, it is advisable to consult your local physician before trying the workouts as this routine may vary from individual to individual.

Overall, exercising for around or less than 20 minutes also suffices for starters. This causes the muscles to utilize the excess glucose as fuel and helping in lowering the glucose levels in the body. Using a treadmill can do these wonders for all kinds of diabetic patients and so having one even at your home is handy if you are not fond of visiting fitness centers or a gymnasium.

Own a Treadmill
We understand that stepping out of your homes on a daily basis especially if you are heart patient or diabetic is not easy at all, and so to come around this issue, it is even ideal to own a treadmill. They are more affordable than 10 years ago, and nowadays you also get manual treadmills , which help in burning more calories than the electric treadmills, as you power the belt and not the electricity. They also come a little-curved meaning the treadmills will ensure the incline is a little higher than just the flat surface.

And … Read More

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Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class

Zumba dance workout for weight loss step by step l Aerobic Dance Workout For Beginners l Zumba Class
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