HIGHLIGHTS – 2016 Aerobic Worlds, Incheon (KOR) – Aerobic Dance & Aerobic Step – We are Gymnastics !

FIG Official – 14th Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships – INCHEON (KOR), June 17 – 19, 2016: Highlights of the Aerobic Dance and Aerobic Step finals.

Aerobic Dance Final

00:00:00 Views of Incheon
00:00:49 Start list

00:01:00 ROMANIA
Difficulty score : 1.200, Artistic score : 8.950, Execution score : 8.600 18.750 5
00:03:18 RUSSIA
Difficulty score : 1.200, Artistic score : 9.050, Execution score : 8.800 19.050 3
00:05:42 HUNGARY
Difficulty score : 1.200, Artistic score : 8.900, Execution score : 8.750 18.850 4
00:07:42 KOREA
Difficulty score : 1.150, Artistic score : 9.400, Execution score : 9.100 19.650 1
00:10:30 CHINA
Difficulty score : 1.200, Artistic score : 8.950, Execution score : 9.050 19.200 2

00:12:45 Final result
00:12:58 Medals Ceremony

Aerobic Step Final

00:13:11 Start list

00:13:24 CHINA
Artistic score : 9.000, Execution score : 9.200 18.200 2
00:15:45 RUSSIA
Artistic score : 8.875, Execution score : 9.000 17.875 4
00:18:10 France
Artistic score : 9.050, Execution score : 9.200 18.250 1
00:20:24 KOREA
Artistic score : 8.750, Execution score : 9.050 17.800 5
00:22:44 MONGOLIA
Artistic score : 8.900, Execution score : 9.000 17.900 3

00:25:26 Final result
00:25:40 Medals Ceremony

00:26:08 End

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AEROBIC 1. Introducción

La monitora Sheila Rubio del Centro Supera “El Palero” nos explica lo que es el aerobic y nos habla sobre su origen de la mano del doctor Kenneth H. Cooper y de Jackie Sorensen y de su evolución a lo largo de los años.


Agradecimiento: CDO El Palero

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