Weight Training Steps

Weight training is a process that involves a variety of steps. To be the most successful you can be, it is vital to follow each step and make sure you are doing everything you can to help your body gain weight and build muscle.

The first step is finding a great workout routine. The best training programs are ones that are designed for your specific body type. This will make sure you maximize every minute you spend in the weight room.

In order to choose the perfect training routine, you first need to recognize what body type you have. People that struggle to gain weight and build muscle are called hardgainers. Hardgainers have difficulty bulking up because they often follow a workout routine that does not cater to their body's strengths and weaknesses. Hardgainer's muscles recover slowly and they need extra time for them to heal in between training sessions. Finding a workout program that allows for this added time of rest is extremely important.

Now that you have a great workout, the next step is doing the actual work. An ideal workout for a hardgainer will call for only 3 to 4 hours weight training each week. These sessions should not last longer than one hour. This will allow for serious muscle growth while giving the muscles ample time to rest and recover in between lifts.

The final step is to make sure you are using proper technique when you are working out. When you get to the gym, do not immediately start lifting heavy weights. This is a great way to strain your muscles and injure yourself. The first few minutes should be a mixture of stretching and lifting lighter weights to warm up.

Your technique when you are lifting is extremely important. If you use incorrect form, you can injure yourself and not get the most out of each exercise. Each exercise should be done with a wide base so you can have the best balance. Keeping your back straight is critical. If you hunch over when you are lifting, you can injure yourself and these types of injuries can not a lifetime. … Read More

Blonde Angel!

I worked with this girl only twice, shooting for a Fitness Center. I like her "angelic" expression, really sweet!

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Weight Loss Advice For Women Over 35

Here's specific weight loss advice for women over 35. Warning: Do not try to lose weight like men and do not try and lose weight like younger women in their 20's. Now that you're over 35, things are different and you need a different approach.

Weight Loss Advice For Women Over 35

1. Always, always eat breakfast that has protein in it

Listen, your body is starving from it's mini-fast when you were sleeping. So you need to start the day out right and get some calories, specifically protein calories in you. Remember this fact, 80% of fat people skip breakfast regularly while 80% of thin and lean people eat a good breakfast regularly.

So I suggest you eat 3-4 scrambled eggs and 1/2 can of black beans for breakfast often. This provides not only a lot of protein (which speeds up your metabolism), but it also provides you with over half the fiber you need to take each day.

Not only that, it will fill you up in a way that you'll snack and cheat less for the rest of the day. You no longer will be playing "calorie catch-up".

2. Jump on a mini-trampoline

If you're over 35, then I'm sure you're busy with many of life's responsibilities … whether it's kids, a job, errands to run, cooking, and on and on and on. You're busy, period. So you need something to get around having to block off over an hour of time to drive to and from the gym as well as doing the actual workout.

Enter the mini-trampoline. At only $ 25, this total body workout effectively eliminates your need to go to the gym regularly.

Here's how you can use it to not only increase your metabolism more efficiently, but also save your precious time. Jump on it during tv commercials. Since a normal 1 hour tv show has roughly 20-22 minutes of commercials, you could easily get in a 20 minute cardio workout just by jumping on the mini-trampoline during 2 minute commercials.

A side benefit to this is that you are actually increasing your metabolism better through these 2 minute mini-workouts … as compared to just 1 longer workout of 20-60 minutes. So I encourage you to watch tv, just as long as you jump on the mini-trampoline during the commercials.

3. Eat 3 apples a day

Ah, yes a boring tip that's common knowledge … eating apples. Well, what if I told you that you could lose 2 pounds a month for 3-4 months by simply eating 3 apples a day? Well, what are you waiting for? Why does this work … because apples are both high in water content and fiber. It's almost the perfect snack.

The above weight loss advice for women over 35 is simple and easy for you to incorporate into your busy life. … Read More

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6 Steps on How to Set Up a Personal Training From Home Business

You have always been enthusiastic with anything that has to do with health and fitness. While some of your friends avoid you because you always come up with sound advices on how they can improve their physiques, there are also those who commend you and suggest that you pursue becoming a trainer. As much as you want to follow the suggestion and offer personal training from home services, you do not have any clue as to how to begin and what to do.

How to Become a Fitness Trainer

If you are set to become a professional trainer, here are some of the things that can help you get started. Offering your personal training from home services can become a good source of income, but you must first know how to market yourself, hone your skills and get certified.

1. You must first ask yourself if you are up to the challenge. It may be easy for you to deal with acquaints when it comes to giving fitness advices, but when you take this to a higher level, you must be prepared to deal with different kinds of people. You must not only be good in giving your inputs and leading by example, you must also be ready to listen to your clients, be patient and motivate them all the time.

2. It will be easier for you to sell your services when you are backed up with certificates. You can get these by attending related workshops or by taking exams. You must first find out about the organizations, where you can take your classes. Choose the ones that are known and accredited.

3. You must be prepared with the competition. To attract niche clients, you may want to train in order to have a specialty. This will give you an edge over the other trainers. You can also raise the fees for your services as you get certified with various specialties. For example, you can choose to master certain exercise routines or study the ways on how to become a trainer for children or for people with handicaps or special needs.

4. You may want to find a job first at your local gyms or clubs. The experience will boost your credibility. This will also help you prepare on how to handle the job when you ever settle to offer personal training from home services.

5. Once you decide to turn this passion into business, make sure that you have the right and complete apparel. Process all the paper works involved, such as your business permit, registration, insurance and many more.

6. The space that you will use for this kind of business must be safe. Make sure that everyone in the household cooperates, so that no one will interfere when you are dealing with your clients at home.

When everything is set and you are quite ready for the challenge, you must begin advertising your services. You can do this the typical way, such as giving away flyers … Read More

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Personal Trainer – How to Identify a Fake Personal Trainer

Acquiring fake diploma and degree has become a child’s play in today’s times, and we unwittingly fall prey to unqualified men and women in various professions. Going to the gym with wide-eyes and hopes of soon becoming another Stallone or Schwarzenegger you end up with disappointment when you find that the personal trainer over there is a quack. Identifying the credentials of the professionals is increasingly becoming an ordeal. Yet, it is advisable to dig out the credentials of the person, before hiring him. Failure to do so puts us in a dangerous spot, as we are prone to injuries if workouts are not performed appropriately.

Generally everyone entering a gym has this question in mind. How to identify a genuine trainer and be wary of the fakes on the prowl? Perhaps no single method could help you in your quest to identify the fake trainer. A combination of analysis, observation, questioning and references may serve to identify the authenticity of the personal trainer. We set out to do many things banking on the weight of the references. Likewise getting references from satisfied customers of the trainer would help us in avoiding the embarrassment of ending up with a fake trainer.

Analysis and observation of the situation is the best way to judge the genuineness of the claims made by a personal trainer. We find the quacks occupying the two extreme ends of the behavioral spectrum. They either tend to talk too much or keep highly reticent when spoken to. This is truly a very good lead for you to follow carefully and unravel the mystery of the trainer. Personal trainers with improper certification and training keep quiet or answer repetitively in mono-syllables when confronted with questions about things like improving the abs. They even show signs of irritation when you try to discuss

The other types of quacks are the ones who don’t shy from making tall and false claims. These trainers talk non-stop and show no qualms even when you ask them to deliver you the moon. These trainers overtly fix their eyes on your pockets and try to get you on board instantaneously, when you approach them to improve your physique and health. They promise the moon, without batting an eye-lid. Thus a personal trainer who does not assess the situation on a realistic scale and just says that anything is possible can not but be a fake trainer.

Lastly you could find out the credential of a personal trainer by directly questioning about aspects of personal training to assess his grip of the subject. After browsing valuable information on the facts about building your muscles from the internet, you could put him couple of questions directly to hear his answers. Ask him the possibilities of succeeding in your aspiration of adding 50lbs of muscle by the year end. A fake trainer, who is more concerned in making a quick buck, would always wrongly answer that this dream could be definitely fulfilled. The glib talk of a … Read More

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