So you're thinking about getting into weight training? Congratulations. If more people would decide to incorporate a daily weightlifting regimen into their lifestyles we would see a lot fewer health related injuries and illnesses in our society.

But first things first. Before starting any exercise program regardless of type it's imperative that you consult with your physician first specifically if you have not actually been very active for several years. Always better to be safe than sorry and it's best that your doctor knows what you're up to. Believe me, your physician will be elated (in most situations) that you have decided to (1) start "lifting weights" and (2) have concealed in him / her about it. They most likely will be one of your biggest fans.

So what are the benefits of weight training? There are many!

1) Improve Strength- Your ability to move things and sometimes, yourself. It seems simple and it is but it's amazing how many people are so weak they have difficulty performing daily rudimentary tasks. That's OK! You're to be commended for deciding to do something about it! And with a little self-discipline you will begin to see significant and positive results in no time at all.

2) Improve Endurance- Yes, your cardiovascular condition can and will be improved considering with weightlifting. It's not as good or efficient and jogging, biking, or swimming but those three also do not have the overall strength benefits either.

3) Stress Reduction- If you're like most people implementing a means to reduce the amount of stress in your life is a welcome addition. Far too many people today use non-constructive methods of stress reduction like alcohol and tobacco. Turn those negative stress management habits into positive ones beginning with of pumping a little iron.

4) Improves Bone Density / Strength- Its simply the overload principle, folks. Your body, and in this instance, your bones benefit by having to adapt to increased demands. Now do not go thinking that you of have to lift a ridiculous amount of heavy weight to achieve a positive result. You do not and together, that's not the point or emphasis.

5) Reduces Personal Injury- It's a fact that people who engage in daily lifting activities sustain fewer injuries to themselves (for the most part) and its assured you're going to feel a lot better after you're initial muscle soreness offs. So hang in there! Good things are ahead.

6) Appearance and Confidence- Everyone wants to look better. And when you look better you feel better (and you will feel better). Weightlifting out is a simple activity you can do for yourself to improve yourself.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to know anything about weightlifting, it's equipment, or specific workout schedules and regimes. All you need is a desire to improve yourself. The following three tips may help.

1) As mentioned earlier consult with your physician as to your intentions to be assured you are safe to engage in this activity. Your doctor can also recommend to you a suitable workout program (exercise prescription) and facility.

2) After medical clearance make an appointment at a reputable local gym. Make sure this facility has a positive track record for customer service with certified professional strength training personnel. As a matter of fact why do not you just join one. These people are there to assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals and will be invaluable in keeping you motivated and on task. You'll be glad you did.

3) Hire a personal fitness trainer (if you have the money). I'd rather see you working out with others for camaraderie and support but if you stay on the shy side, by all means, give a personal trainer a try.

Choosing to engage in weight training activities and workouts is one of the best proactive decisions you can make for your physical and mental well-being. With proper motivation, goals, and support you can use weight training to assist in becoming a healthier and better you. Happy lifting.