1. Wallet Friendly

With anything you buy, price always comes to mind. When it comes to resistance bands are so cheap that you can set your self up with everything you need for a resistance workout for the price of one month’s gym membership or less!

2. Extremely Weightless

Resistance bands are nowhere near the weight of traditional hand or machine weights. The bands are light and make it super easy for you to carry around from place to place.

3. Portability

Whether you’re on the road, or working out at a local park, exercise bands can easily fit into your pocket or you could even carry a bunch of them in a small bag. The uses of resistance bands are also a great way to maintain your exercise program when you’re on vacation or constantly traveling on the road. Just pack them in your bang and your good to go.

4. Storage

Because the exercise bands don’t look like your average hand or machine weights, they don’t require any storage space. That’s the advantage of being light and compact – you can keep them anywhere without it taking up a lot of space in your home!

5. Regular resistance during exercise movement

When you’re working with machine and hand weights they provide gravity-generated resistance, which means at different times the tension on the muscle can be lost.
The bands offer a constant resistance throughout the exercise making it more beneficial than conventional weights.

6. Very Safe

What makes the bands so safe is that it only provides resistance when you want it. You and nothing else progressively control the resistance making it safer for your joints. This of course brings up the fact that even kids and youths can benefit from using the bands. The bands also remove the risks normally linked with resistance training, such as the risk of dropping heavy weights.

7. Time efficiency

By using resistance bands you don’t have to work around gym schedules or take time to travel from one place to the other. You can workout in a small room in your house or make use of your private backyard.

8. No noise

When you work out with bands listen closely. Do you hear anything? One of the greatest benefits of using the bands is that they make no noise at all. The days of metal clanging, and teeth grinding noises are long gone when you work with these silent exercise tools.

9. Easy to use

Resistance bands are the simplest form of an “exercise machine”. You don’t have to be, a super buff bodybuilder, or have a PHD to understand how to use it. Since there aren’t any confusing instructions or settings to adjust, you can be exercising within minutes of buying your band!

10. It’s affordable

If you compare the price of resistance bands to a health club membership and even the most admired home gyms like the Bowflex, Life Fitness G5 Gym System and Body Craft. For a small fraction of the price you can effectively and efficiently create your own home gym.