being a losing politician’s hype man must be tough,… for people who are meant to look super duper genki ( japanese for happy, energetic, hyped up, excited) i quite like that i managed to get this shot, a brief moment where he perhaps realized, in the hot summer afternoon, the futility of his actions.

and like this guy,… over the past few weeks i have mostly been,… thinking of the direction that i want to go in next, what kind of pictures i want to make and where i want to take this photography malarkey.

yeah i said "malarkey" πŸ˜› , it’s fun to say out loud πŸ˜€

and sometimes, to go forward you have to take a step back,… so that is what i’ve done,… and the few experiments that i’ve done so far seem to have worked better than i thought they would.

as luck would have it, while i was looking into 6×7 after a good friend recommended i do, a 6×7 cannon (that’s "cannon" not "Canon") just happened to fall into my lap yesterday.

when the gods of light and celluloid throw a Mamiya RZ67 straight at you, there’s nothing you can do,… you just brace yourself and hope it doesnt hurt too much when it hits you between the eyes ><

running around with the RZ67 today,.. i can probably cancel my gym membership,… cos i’m gonna need the money for a good chiropractor πŸ˜›

seriously though, this is the best exercise i’ve had in ages,… and if you’re thinking of getting one for handheld go for it, it’s heavy but ohh so stable because of it.

and whipping it out makes you feel like a badass πŸ˜€

Posted by Shuji Moriwaki on 2013-08-03 14:49:00

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