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Fitness Coach Vs Fitness Trainer

North America is getting fatter and fatter! There are numerous studies proved this so I will not get into all the statistics from the American College of Sports Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American Heart Association. Just trust me … as a population we are getting fatter.

But wait; There are more fitness centers, gym, personal trainers and fitness related info-products then ever before … so how can this be?

Here are a few things that we know:

  • A one-size-fits-all approach to fitness does not work
  • Knowing biomechanics is good but effective in developing a compete fitness program
  • Life stages and changes in a person's life must be taken into account when developing a fitness program
  • Not all fades are created equal. To embrace the latest and greatest fade is very ineffective in making consistent fitness progress
  • The carrot or the stick? A positive approach works much better then a fear based approach, to anything, especially fitness
  • Social and domestic support is crucial for starting and continuing a fitness program
  • In the end, we need to embrace a holistic model of fitness, working on the body alone is not enough

So, where does this leave you?

If you are not getting the results your desire or if you're not having fun with your fitness program it may time to take a look at fitness coaching. "But I already have a personal fitness trainer, why do I need a fitness coach?"

First, if you're not getting the results it might not be your trainer, it could be you. I'm not saying it's your directly at fault, but there maybe some undering situations that you and your trainer are not aware of that a good certified fitness coach could help you discover and find a solution.

So what is fitness coaching?

It can be called an ongoing and guided conversation and process between you and a health fitness coach that is a conversation:

  • Involving a comprehensive fitness-related dialogue about your needs, interests and personal active lifestyle orientations
  • Directed toward broad based goals of personal and health gains that are
  • Attained through continued involvement in physically activates which are
  • Adjusted periodically according to your evolving life agenda

I know, you're probably saying "That sounds nice, but again, I have a personal trainer."

What a personal trainer is trained and certified to do is develop the specific workout routine for you. They are to assess your current physical abilities and limitations and develop a routine around these parameters along with your fitness goals. Then they are to ensure that you perform the routine with biometric perfection. That is want a fitness trainer is schooled and trained in. If they are performing more then this and are not properly trained and educated in that field, they are stepping out of the bounders of a trainer.

A fitness coach, through and open and ongoing dialogue, will help you

  • Determine the best physical activity for you
  • Stay on track and
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Fitness shoot Timo

Fit Voorop Personal Trainer

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Personal Training Oceanside

Dare To Be Fit | Personal Trainer Oceanside
110 Copperwood Way
Suite M
Oceanside CA 92058
United States

(760) 967-6847

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How To Build Big Muscles – 3 Steps To Hugeness

How to build big muscles is the question on the mind of just about every bodybuilder, especially when we are starting out. The trouble is that you can find so much conflicting information out there that it's hard to know where to turn or what to do. Check out the rest of this article to find out how to build big muscles.

Step 1

Unless you have an extremely physical day job or something like that in your life, the chances are that to build up your muscles you are going to need to get into some kind of regular weight training regimen. There's no known method how to build big muscles without some kind of resistance. This is not as time consuming and tiring as it sees, and once you get started you'll find that within a few weeks your workout is automatic.

Step 2

Do not let yourself plateau. When you first start working out, over the course of the first few weeks you'll find you get a whole lot stronger than you were. This is due to dormant muscle fibers being awoken by the vigilant stimulation. A lot of people get to this stage when they first find out how to build big muscles, but then stop challenging themselves with the amount of weight they are lifting. If you do not lift enough, you'll probably see any gains at all, so make sure you increase the weight as you get stronger.

Step 3

Remember the golden rule – if you want to know how to build big muscles, lift heavy weights with low reps, and if you want to add definition and tone to the muscle you have, lighter weights and more reps are the key. Just remember, next time you are at the gym and you see people sweating over doing 15-20 reps, it may seem tough but it will not make them any bigger.

Step 4

Add some variety. The human body is perfectly evolved, and so you'll find that the same exercises all the time are less strenuous for you, so you get less gain. This can really trouble your quest to learn how to build big muscles. This is due to certain parts of each muscle becoming stronger and thus able to deal with things more efficiently. To combat this, mix it up a little, rotate your routine every few weeks so you can keep it all fresh and keep your muscles guessing.

So there you are, that's how to build big muscles in a nutshell. The tips are aimed at someone just starting out, but these principles will always apply to any kind of strength training. Click the links below for some more tips. … Read More

30 Minute Low Impact Workout to Torch Calories | Class FitSugar

Engaged couple and creators of the Low Impact Training Method Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor lead a 30-minute cardio-burning workout.

POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. Check out Class FitSugar, our do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Class FitSugar regularly covers the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.

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Jogging on a bright November morning

I was walking south along the bridle path that circumnavigates the reservoir in Central Park; and the view here is basically south, with the CitiCorp building and various other New York City skyscrapers in the background. The reservoir is enclosed by a fence (presumably to keep people from falling in, or jumping in to swim, or perhaps even attempting to fish), and there’s a jogging trail that runs along the fence; so scenes like this are pretty common.

I hadn’t taken the sun into account when I took this picture; during this season, it’s pretty far south, and for whatever reason, it left the runner in pretty dark shadow. I tweaked it a bit, and hopefully didn’t distort the background too badly. I also replaced the grayish-white hazy sky with a bluish gradient fill, using Adobe Photoshop Elements …


Note: this photo was published in a Feb 26, 2009 blog article titled "How to Intensify Your Running and Lose More Weight.." It was also published in a blog article (allegedly published on May 21, 2006 – which is difficult to imagine, since I didn’t take the picture until Nov 21, 2008) entitled "Burn Twice as Many Calories Running." It was also published in an April 14, 2009 blog titled "Find Our How Far You Run." And it was used in a May 8, 2009 Internet announcement proclaiming "Come cheer on the Lime team," for the Chase Corporate Challenge race on June 11, 2009. And it was published in a May 21, 2009 blog titled "Cardiovascular Fitness Means Healthier Heart ." I’ve also discovered that it was published in a Mar 20, 2009 blog titled "Running in the City, " (and then republished in the Mar 31, 2010 issue of the same blog ). More recently, it was published in a Jun 25, 2009 blog titled "How To… Stay Fit on the Road." I’ve also just discovered that it was published in the April 4, 2009 issue of the Directory of New York City blog, in an article titled "Central Park Indulgence."

The photo was also published in a Jul 21, 2009 blog titled "How to Get Started Long-Distance Running." Also in a Jul 24, 2009 blog titled "City Dwellers Are Healthier." And it was published in a Jul 29, 2009 blog titled "Le jogging est-il mauvais pour la santé?.." (which, according to Google’s translation service, means something like "Is jogging bad for health?" Yeah, is it? Well, you’ll have to read the blog to find out!

More recently, it was published in a Dec 15, 2009 blog titled "Care to read more of my thoughts on fitness?" And it was published as an illustration in a Dec 17, 2009 blog titled "Eco-Beat, 12/17." It was also published in an undated (Dec 2009) Jog4Life blog titled "Beginner Week Three Marathon Training."

Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a Jan 2, 2010 blog titled "Save Money by Sticking to Your Resolutions." And it was published in a Jan 7, … Read More

Life Fitness 95xi Elliptical FitStride CrossTrainer

Methods of working out have aggressively changed through these recent times when fast pace is the need for every American.  It all breaks down to one simple thing, calories in vs. calories out, and of course keeping a healthy, well balanced diet.  A fantastic and effective way to get those darn calories out is definitely the Life Fitness 95 Xi Elliptical Trainer. Just like the Precor EFX 546 HR and EFX 556HR elliptical trainers, the 95Xi is a staple in every major health club facility in America. The 95Xi trainer provides an incredibly easy indoor cardiovascular exercise which burns calories in no time. With its moving arms, the 95 Xi is also a great way to tone the upper body muscles and its very smooth elliptical motion makes working out on the 95Xi like walking on air.  You can also workout on this machine in reverse mode. Working out in reverse mode allows different muscle groups, such as calves and glutes, to be exercised, thereby increasing the user’s workout benefits. The 95Xi has large, comfortable pedals to stand on that fit most shoe sizes. A top of the line, extremely durable, Life Fitness commercial product and it can also be used in the comfort of your home.

The Life Fitness 95Xi Fitstride Elliptical comes with 30 pre-programmed workouts that include Goal Workouts, Interval Workouts, 6 Customizable Workouts, Zone Training Heart Rate Workouts, and much more workout courses to choose from. The 95 Xi Elliptical has a built in digital heart rate monitoring system. When you put your hands on the sensors (located on the ergonomically moving arms), it will read out your heart rate on the display. Monitoring your heart rate can help you optimize your workout session. The easy-to-use display console also shows the user a workout profile, including how many calories are burned, resistance being used, elapsed time, speed and distance incurred.

The Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical weighs at 286 pounds and measures 84.75 inches long by 26.5 inches wide by 64 inches high. It is a very sturdy machine and extremely low maintenance. Life Fitness ellipticals rarely have major breakdowns according to Life Fitness service records. If you want a commercial quality product that will last you a long time, then go for the 95Xi Elliptical Trainer. It is worth every penny. These machines go for over $2500 remanufactured or well over $5000 for a brand new one. But why pay more for a brand new machine when you can purchase a Remanufactured or Refurbished 95Xi for a fraction of the cost, in like new condition. A reputable remanufacturing company usually offers a reasonable guaranteed warranty with their product. The longer the warranty, the better it is for the conscientious consumer.… Read More

family fitness night 139

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