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How To Choose A Right Home Gym

Home gyms are now getting popular among people who want to live a healthy life without leaving the comfort of their home. You will be able to develop better muscles and build an attractive body in lesser time. The metabolic activities in the body will be increased by doing exercise regularly. You can be really motivated by doing the exercises in a well prepared gym at home. A good gym has to be durable and reliable. You can select quality equipments and materials for making a home gym. The selection of machine that fits your exact needs is another advantage of a home gym.

Machine, free weights, and plate loaded machines are the three types of home gyms that are popular. There are advantages and disadvantages for each one of them. You have to identify the workout goals and requirements before selecting a type of the gym. Exercises have to be chosen for working out different areas of our body like arms, legs, calves, shoulders, chest, back and abs.

You can find several training methods for exercising these body parts. Some give focus on toning and strengthening specific areas of the body. You have to select equipments and style depending on your objectives. You can set up a home gym using inexpensive equipments like barbells, weight-plates and racks. Alternately you can use expensive multi-gym for the same purpose. The choice depends on your budget and needs.

The equipments like power racks are ideal for heavy weight training exercises but they lack versatility. You can perform several types of exercises using a multi gym. You must include equipments for performing bench press and leg curls in a home gym. You must also consider the way the gym is utilized. Proper planning is required for building gyms for the use of other family members.… Read More

Beach aerobic at Calp

a large group of people where participating in beach aerobic and dancing to the music played … was fun to watch and shoot! 🙂

CameraNikon D300S
Exposure0.001 sec (1/1250)
Focal Length31 mm
ISO Speed200
Exposure Bias0 EV
FlashNo Flash

Natural light

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Free Basic Step Aerobic Workout Routine with Jump.flv

Workout with this basic step bench aerobics routine designed with the beginner in mind. Take the simple basics and add enough cardio to make it fun for all levels.

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K. Gompa, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India – 02.09.09

Camera Model Name: Canon EOS 5D
Lens: EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/1250
Av (Aperture Value): 13.0
Metering: Partial Metering
ISO Speed: 1000
Focal Length: 400.0 mm
Flash: Off

DAY 17

Altitude: 3, 505 m / 11, 499 ft.

Walking into a nearby restaurant, Ankur orders a huge breakfast of toasts, pan cakes, boiled eggs, omelets, hot chocolate and coffee. He absolutely insists that we consume all of what he has ordered as there is a long day ahead and we might have to forgo the lunch. Stuff myself to the best ability but absolutely no match for him!

Our first stop is to one of the most spectacular monastery of Ladakh, the buildings of which can be seen from far away and seem to tumble down the steep hillside, it presents an amazing sight. This Gelugpa sect monastery dates back to 11th century and accommodates over 100 monks. Phagpa Shesrab is said to be the founder, who had translated many Sanskrit Buddhist writings into Tibetan. Presently the gompa is under the patronage of Tensing Chogyal, a brother of H.H. Dalai Lama.

Reaching at the base of the hill with fascinating streaks of colors, on which the monastery sits, is asked about my preference between walking and driving up. After such a heavy breakfast, was secretly hoping that we would drive up but admitting such is embarrassing, thus let my travel mate decide. Should have known that walking up would be the natural choice!

The steep path leading up to the chapels situated on the top threads through a maze of old structures which are mostly monk’s quarters. While struggling with the upward climb the hoodie sweatshirt soon gets wrinkled as a used Kleenex tissue soaked with perspiration. Give up any further desire to beat Ankur to reach the top, who looks completely unruffled and almost fly rather than walk!

Having covered about slightly more than half the distance, the lungs seem to be ready to explode and the throat feels incredibly parched. Now it is a matter of putting one foot before the other, accept that it is fine to climb at my own pace, rest for a moment and take a sip when necessary.

Note: Dear friends and contacts,

After struggling for months with the injury had been advised by the doctor to return to the gym for weight training in addition to swimming, cycling, walking and most importantly to resume normal life. So, did what someone like me is expected to do, went back to the Himalayas for a ‘trial’!

It was a very short break, but one that triggered long winter travel plans! Would like to thank each of you for your warm wishes and support, it indeed meant a lot and gave me the strength to get back to my feet, do another travel and live to tell another tale! 🙂

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Weight Loss Fit

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Exercise and Weight Loss

With exercise, if you choose something that you do not like doing, you're not likely to keep it up and lose focus. Think about this for a minute, if you do not like running you're hardly going to keep forcing yourself out of bed at 7am, especially during the winter when it's cold. If you can not find something you like, just go for the thing you hate the least. This is usually walking.

When I first started eating healthy i struggled with fighting my hunger If you start to feel hungry, eat something. Just ensure you eat decent healthy foods and do not eat too much of it. It's important that you eat enough to satisfy your hunger and balance your blood sugar. Remember you are trying to lose weight, so you'll only be setting yourself back if you eat junk food.

It does not seem right when you get up and eat breakfast and find yourself even more hungry later in the morning than usual. But eating more in the morning can help cut down hunger later in the day, and evening time is when people are much more likely to over eat. Eating a healthy healthy breakfast in the morning will set you off on the right foot.

If you can not afford a gym membership go out and get some cheap exercise equipment or just go do outdoor activities. A really effective way to get trim and burn some calories is by using a hoola hoop. This low cost hoop is something people do not often think about. Start out by trying to do it for a short while at a time. Then, gradually build up to at least ten minutes total in any one day. You can space it out into two minute sessions with a thirty second break in between.

A really good low cost piece of equipment for toning up is the mini trampoline. This piece of equipment is easy to store and is great for working your entire body. You can have great fun with it whilst getting rid of those calories. … Read More