Health is wealth and being healthy is a choice you make.  Healthy diet, exercise and proper sleep contribute towards good health. A little bit of effort from your side will make you healthy and you will reap the health benefits. Usually people think of health only when they are affected by diseases and aches. Health is taken for granted and people do not pay much heed to it unless something goes terribly wrong with the body.

Small steps in the right direction will help you become healthier. The first and foremost aspect of good health starts with nutrition. Avoiding junk food and refined carbs is not the only method. Consult a nutritionist and get a diet chart based on your activity level and age and follow it religiously to become a healthier you. You are what you eat and so your healthy body tells a lot about your diet and lifestyle.

People generally are aware of unhealthy food practices and they somehow take such food by falling to temptations. Some deficiencies in the diet will also induce craving for certain types of food and a holistic approach will help with maintaining long term health. Do aim for long term health and a better version of yourself rather than focusing on short term goals.

Our body is made up of essential nutrients and these are very important for the proper functioning of the body and their deficiencies will result in illness. They are

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Sodium
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Potassium

These nutrients are got from food and they are vital for growth and functioning of the body. They also aid in disease prevention and the name essential nutrients signifies the importance of these nutrients.


Protein is the most talked about nutrient and it aids in growth. Cells of the body, skin and hair all need protein and it is very essential for all. A protein rich diet for children will help them grow faster. 16% of a person’s average weight is made of protein and it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Dairy, eggs, meat, nuts and legumes are good sources of protein. It can also be had from plant sources or animal sources. Some amino acids cannot be synthesised by the body and it should come from food.


It is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the brain. A balanced diet should consist of about 50-65% of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is often made a culprit and people aiming for weight loss skip carbohydrates and suffer at a later time. Kidneys and muscles need carbohydrates to function normally.

Carbohydrates is found in fruits, starchy vegetables, grains, etc. It can be subdivided into simple and complex carbohydrates while complex carbohydrate is good for the body.


The most misunderstood nutrient and it is often blamed for weight gain. It is so important nutrient that 35 % of daily dietary requirements should consist of fat. Building cells, mineral absorption, blood clotting all happen because of fat. It is an important source of energy.

Nuts, meat and dairy are good sources of fats while Omega 3 is a healthy source of fat. Plant based fat sources can be consumed without any guilt as they are essential for the body.


13 types of vitamins play an important role in functioning of the body. You need to consume vitamins to stay healthy and to ward off diseases. Vitamins will help the body to have healthy vision, bones and skin. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K are very essential for normal body functioning.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins. Supplements are given when deficiencies arises.


It is another misunderstood nutrient as it is believed to cause blood pressure. The body needs sodium for the functioning of nerves and muscles. It regulates fluid balance and blood volume.

It is found in nuts, grains, legumes, etc.


If you want to stay healthy and have strong bones then, you should definitely include this nutrient in your diet. It even keeps you hydrated and regulates your metabolism.

Iron supplements are given when a person is anaemic and zinc supplement is given when a patient needs wound healing. Plant and meat products are good sources of minerals.


Can you imagine a person surviving without water for days together? No. It is very essential to keep a person hydrated and 65% of a person’s weight is water. It aids digestion and regulates body temperature.

Even mild dehydration will leave you tired and it affects physical performance.


It maintains the PH levels and fluid balance of the body. You cannot skip this as it is vital for heart health and muscle contractions.

Bananas are rich sources of potassium.

Benefits Of Essential Nutrients

These nutrients are very essential for the proper functioning of the body and it cannot produce them on it is own. It can be got only through food or supplements. These nutrients play a major role in making you healthy.