High quality elliptical cross trainers are usually more expensive. If you a purchase a used fitness equipment, you may get a more or less brand new type machine at a much lower price than the original machine. The Life Fitness CT 9500 HR Classic Rear Drive Elliptical Crosstrainer is a factory refurbished machine that has brand new original components in place of the worn parts. You will get an amazing cardiovascular experience with this used machine. At Amazon you this award winning fitness equipment is available at a price around $2400.00.

The Features of the used CT 9500 HR Elliptical Crosstrainer:

The machine is self powered and therefore does not require external power source. It has 20 resistance levels which are very highest among any high priced elliptical crosstrainers.There are total 23 workout programs in this commercial grade quality elliptical trainer. The wide variety of workout programs gives a total body workout for both upper and lower body muscles. For a complete total body workout, it has the option to go forward or backward. Its exclusive Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system is integrated into the movable arms for effective heart rate monitoring.

The console is bright even after long use which shows the speed, time, distance, calories burnt and heart rate.Accessory tray and reading rack are other additional features in this machine. For easy movement, rear wheel are also provided. The steel frame is welded and solid in construction. The machine has a user capacity of 350 pounds.

How Can This Re manufactured Machine Maintain Quality?

This high quality fitness equipment undergoes comprehensive remanufacturing process including cleaning, powder coating, painting, inspecting and certification. The old and worn parts have been replaced by brand new original equipment parts. All belts, chains, bearings, bushings, batteries and electronic parts have been checked for faults. The result is a quality machine at an affordable low price.