We all have seen these infomercials with their sexy, smiling models showing ripped abs. And while these advertisements claim that with an abs machine you can easily get such a six pack, some trainers warn that abs machines do not deliver. Not unexpectedly, a myriad of myths have formed around this ab exercise equipment and we will dispose in this article the most common ones.

Myth # 1: using an abs machine you will get ripped abs and succeed burning belly fat
While it is true, that an abs machine will help you strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, that does not yet give you that "washboard" look. In order to show your abs you need to lose that excess belly fat that is hiding them. You can not lose fat in just one isolated area by training, fat loss always involves your entire body. So, in addition to building your abdominals you need to burn off excess fat through proper nutrition and cardio exercise.

Myth # 2: the abs machine will give you a flat stomach
People assume that ripped abs equal a flat stomach, but this depends a lot on whether your belly is a result of excess fat or if you have a protruding belly. So, as we have seen in myth # 1, you need to lose that stubborn belly fat in order to show your abdominal muscles and that will make your stomach look flatter. But even with lean, ripped abs you still might have a protruding belly. In order to understand this, you need to have a basic knowledge of the anatomy of the abdominal muscles.

While most people think of the abs just as the six pack that is the muscle called "rectus abdominus", the abdominal muscles also include internal and external obliques and the transverse abdominis. It is this muscle that wraps around the abdominal area and tugs in the abdominal organs. That's why the nickname of this muscle is the "corset muscle" and if you want a flat stomach you need to train also this muscle.

Myth # 3: abs machines are a scam and a waste of money
So, while we have seen that abs machines do have certain limitations and many of the infomercials overpromise, it is not true that all abs machines are a waste of money. Obtaining that desired six pack look involves burning belly fat and training your abdominal muscles. And while the abs machine will not help much to burn off the fat, it can be a very useful training tool to build and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Burning belly fat and getting ripped abs is an objective that you can achieve with a little effort and a proper abs work out . An abs machine can be one of several valid tools for that purpose. As we have seen, abs machines are that that miraculous as infomercials want to make us believe, nor are they as useless as some personal trainers try to convince us. Make sure that before you decide for any particular training program, abs machine or diet you have clear what your goals are and have reviewed reviews of that product.