above video explains you the concepts of respiration class 10 in hindi.
The process of releasing energy from food is called respiration.

The process of respiration involves taking in oxygen (air) into cell, using it for releasing energy by burning food, and then eliminating the waste product (co2 & water) from the body.

Breathing And Respiration —
The mechanism by which organism obtain oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide is called Breathing. Respiration is more complex process.Respiration include breathing as well as the oxidation of food in the cells of the organism to release energy. Breathing is a physical process whereas respiration also includes bio chemical process of oxidation of food.The process of breathing involves the lungs of the organism wereas the process of respiration also involves the mitochondria in the cells where food is oxidized to release energy.

Respiration is just opposite of photosynthesis

Types Of Respiration—————————

Basically there are two types of respiration:

1- Aerobic
2- Anaerobic

Aerobic –
1- Aerobic respiration take place in the presence of oxygen.
2- Complete breakdown of food occur in aerobic respiration.
3- The end product in aerobic respiration are carbondioxide & water & energy.
4- Aerobic respiration produces a considerable amount of energy.

Anaerobic –

1- Anaerobic respiration take place in the absence of oxygen.
2- Partial breakdown of food occur in anaerobic respiration.
3- The end products in anaerobic respiration may be ethanol and carbon dioxide ( as in yeast plants ) or lactic acid ( as in animal muscles).
4- Much less energy is produced in anaerobic respiration.

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