I have just filmed two new aquatic exercise videos. And good news! I am having my website rebuilt this summer so that you can watch videos directly on the Fitmotivation website. Big thanks to Fitmotivation’s Youtube subscribers! I have had so much interest in my aqua fitness videos – including international viewers that I wanted to make my videos accessible without having to purchase the DVD and pay for shipping. I hope to have videos posted and ready for viewing in October 2014. I plan on offering a low cost pay per video option and an affordable monthly subscriber option that allows viewing of ALL videos. Written notes will be available for all videos (downloadable PDF files). Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this as there is still time for me to adjust and implement changes. The first video in this “Coming Attraction” clip is Pure Aqua – which features aqua choreography for the shallow water. This aqua routine features aquatic exercises sequenced into patterns for each individual song. It is a fun and engaging aqua aerobic routine. The other video is Sha-Deep – and this video features water aerobics cardio that can be performed in either deep or shallow water. It is a challenging water workout that blends choreography and high intensity interval training. You will see when you watch the video how hard I was working!! 🙂 Thanks again for your support. It is much appreciated. Stay tuned for BIG changes in October!