Violet and Poppy each have a Slinky dog and decided to to take them on a mountain walk to view the autumn color.

No exciting drama for this BPC photo shoot. This was taken up the Alpine Loop on "Conference Sunday" and the place was packed. It was literally bumper to bumper. But we parked and walked up a trail a bit and no one came by… Good thing as I was cussing a fair amount because I couldn’t get Violet’s boot on! On another note…I need to apologize for my recent absence from the group and from Flickr in general! I have gotten a gym membership and can be found there 1-3 hours a day….and it is taking up all my free time 🙁 Still…I hope to post to the group regularly if not for every challenge! And I hope to be on Flickr supporting all my peeps as often as possible!

Posted by The Blythe Banner on 2011-10-03 23:43:26

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