You know that exercise is good for you … there is no real reason that you need to be remindeded. There is a chance, however, that you did not fully realize the potential that a simple exercise program has to make you not only look but feel great from the inside out. Have you tried to start an exercise program but have lost the will to carry on due to aching muscles, no free time or just pure laziness? If so, now is the time to get back on track and get yourself fit, healthy and full of energy.

The problem most people have with sticking to an exercise routine is that it starts out so easily and turns out to be difficult. You know the feeling, that elation and excitement that comes from knowing you are about to start something that could change your life. You buy the equipment, the books, the healthy foods and the vitamins, and for a day or two no one could make you stop doing situps if they tried. Oh, but then comes the muscle pain, the tiredness and the bittersweet linging for a candy bar! Most diet and exercise regimes die out in their first week of existence, which is a shame. So how can you stop yourself from succumbing to the never ending cycle of ups and downs with your exercising habits? The key is to not take too much on at one time.

Big programs like exercise need to be taken more seriously than they often are. Using your body in a physically demanding way is hard work! There is no way you can handle a heavy exercise session every day after getting little to no exercise for months or years beforehand, so do not expect to climb Everest before you can get up without being winded. Little steps will get you there, so clarify your goals and be prepared to stick with an achievement plan that is long term and sometimes slow to start.

You will not have to spend a fortune on exercise equipment to do it, either, so keep that in mind! The simplest methods are often the most successful, maybe because you realize deep down that it is all up to you to get results, and not the machine. Use techniques that you are familiar with, such as pushups, situps, jumping jacks or jumping rope just to get the ball rolling. By using these simple techniques, particularly movement oriented ones such as skipping rope or dancing can make the program an awful lot more enjoyable and easier to end than an hour or so of deep knee bends or leg lifts. Everyone has a different sort of personality and with that should come a unique exercise program.

Once you have decided on your own brand of exercises to get fit and feel healthy, you will be able to find your natural tolerance for the exercise and can adjust the workout length accordingly. You may find that fifteen minutes is your threshold, you may find that one hour suits you better. The point is, monitor the workout carefully so that you are getting the right amount for your needs and are not overworking yourself. Keep it simple, keep it casual, and you will not need to quite after just a few days for pure exhaustion! Exercise is the best, natural way to feel great about yourself and prolong your life, so stop making excuses and go do it already! If you are up for it, why not start an exercise group with some friends? You may find that their encouragement helps get you through the rough patches.