Alli (main ingredient Orlistat) is the first over the counter FDA approved weight loss pill. Unfortunately, it has embarrassing side effects. If you are over weight and looking for a miracle quick fix to obesity, there simply is not one yet for several reasons.

1. All drugs have side effects, which are unintentional, undesirable, results from taking a drug. One side effect from taking Alli is suddenly having to go to the bathroom. Alli is supposedly to be taken with a low fat diet, so when you eat too much fat your body can not absorb it and it just comes out. Anyone who has lost weight from dieting knows that every once in awhile you eat cake, cookies, fast food, chocolates, potato chips and many other fatty foods. So it would seem this side effect is hard to avoid all of the time. There are also several other side effects besides this one.

2. People have lost weight while using Alli, but they were predominately relying on a low fat healthy diet and exercise. The results seem to be very graduate, I think one person lost 40 pounds over the course of one year. No noticeable changes in the first week. But many people have lost more than 40 pounds in a year by only using diet and exercise.

3. As you probably guessed, Alli is not free. If your financial condition changes will your dependence on a FDA approved weight loss pill change? Exercise is free! You do not have to pay a fortune to lose weight. Losing weight can be simple. Track the calories you consume throughout the day and the calories you burn from your various activities. Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight.

So it would seem a healthy diet and exercise is not outdated yet. If you are not eating healthy and exercising daily, most likely you are not losing weight. No FDA approved weight loss pill will change that any time soon. The good news is there are places that can show you how to eat healthy and find an exercise activity that you love. If you are ready to make a change in your eating habits and exercise routine, I believe you can lose weight, pill or no pill.