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Photos and story by Bill Hughes
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For all the people who want to get in shape, stay in shape or merely feel better about their health, the new Body Force Fitness 24/7 in the Elkton Crossing Plaza is opening in two days. Less than a year ago, Body Force Fitness 24/7 in North East opened its doors and they now have over 750 members. With encouragement from the clientele there, the idea of opening an Elkon branch made sense. After the early spring closing of Blockbuster, the space became available and a perfect location.
"Some people are training for specific sports and some people just want to lose weight and they want to learn," said Joe Rakoski, co-owner of Body Force Fitness 24/7. "We’ll be offering nutritional counseling and actual meal fulfillment. Saturday is our opening day for everyone who’s signed up. The doors officially open at 7am. Members who use the one in North East, will have access. The 24 hour access keytag is good for both clubs."
The center also has an edge to the competition. "The quality of the gym here is a lot different than other clubs. We have personal training, fitness classes and a smoothie bar," said Liz Fink who co-owns the center with Joe. "All of our staff that work the front desk are personal fitness certified and have university level degrees. We will have Zoomba, yoga, 30 Minute Ab classes and Boot Camp classes. The great thing about the classes are they are taught by our certified personal trainers. If you commit to the programs, your going to see results." The classes also offer beginners to advanced lessons and clients will not have to stand around waiting their turn with the weights. "One of the strong points is we don’t have a lot of volume, so you don’t have to wait for equipment," added LIz.
Equipment at the new fitness center include, stationary bikes, elliptical and cadio machines, Hammer Strength machines, and a large free weight area. The establishment also offers, locker rooms with private showers, fitness classes, tanning beds and TRX training.
Joe and Liz also have enough space for people with special needs. "We’re handicapped accessible," said Liz. "There’s a lot of cable machines that are perfect for them." "We have plenty of space to get in between equipment," Joe added.
For many people who are self conscious, trips to the gym can be intimidating when others are around. "They think everyone is watching them, but really everyone is watching themselves," said Liz. "We strive to provide an inviting, comfortable and non-intimidating gym environment."
As for the smoothie drinks, there are a variety of the delicious healthy beverages for people who want a nice treat with the vitamins or people who need the calories. "We have our own recipes that we use," said Joe. "Some of our recipes are made up by our clients."
"We really like Cecil County," said Liz. "We’re real excited. We like to be involved in our community."
To find out about membership and other details, go to www.bodyforcefitness247.com, call either 410-398-3823 or 410-287-5541. They are also on Facebook.
The new Body Force Fitness 24/7 is located at 985 East Pulaski Highway in Elkton and 2562 Pulaski Highway in North East, both by the Food Lion supermarkets.

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