The video demonstrates the Archer multi-use finger and hand exercise equipment in action.

If you are in need of hand therapy, or more finger grip strength, consider the Archer adjustable-multi-function finger exerciser. This finger and hand exerciser is like no other wrist exerciser on the market today. It can replace, or supplement the Gripmaster, or the power web finger hand wrist and forearm exerciser, or the captain crush finger, hand, and forearm exerciser. If you are suffering from arthritis weakness in the hands and need hand and forearm exercises, or you want to build your hand gripping strength, the Archer adjustable use can help. It is designed for a large group of people with a variety of needs. Whether you are a golfer, or rock climber , or you play an instrument professionally, the Archer six-in-one hand exerciser can help you.


Posted by forearmworkouts on 2014-03-27 16:37:53

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