This life fitness X5 advanced elliptical crosstrainer review aims to portray the machine not simply as a fitness machine but as a remarkable piece of technology. It has incorporated the usage of technologies in the fields of engineering, science, technology, computing, medicine and physical performance metrics.

It has achieved this by combining different technologies to create a superb machine that practically does it all for the user. Perhaps no machine could have been made that takes into account the physical, emotional, and even the psychological well being of the user.

The physical aspects of cross training are addressed in terms of comfort, ease and customizability. Through technologies such as SelectStride ™, the lower portion of the body is guaranteed against injuries that are commonly experienced with improper exercise routines. It does this simply by adjusting the length of the stride the person is making.

The emotional and psychological aspects of repetitive physical exertion can take a toll on the morale of the user. By creating different programmable exercise routines, the machine takes over the thinking portion of exercising. It's no longer the case that users would have to think of creative ways to amuse them while exerting themselves physically. The variations of the routines will keep them engrossed with their activities.

Safety is also a prime consideration when making a Life Fitness X5 Advanced Elliptical Crosstrainer Review. With the ErgoGrip technology, the X5 guarantees not only stability and safety, it also guarantees comfort. Any person who's had some experience with exercise machines knows all too well the hassle of mixing rubberized handle bars with sweat. This discomfort is addressed with the creation of the ErgoGrip.

Perhaps the most convincing aspect of the machine is the combination of three technologies designed to monitor the performance of the user. The HeartSync ™ heart-rate controlled workouts coupled with the Lifepulse ™ digital contact heart rate sensors and the Polar® wireless chest strap ensure that the user is not over and under exerting herself while on the machine. In that respect we can say that the X5 is not only a remarkable piece of exercise machine, but also a hallmark of fitness technology.