Losing weight and getting toned requires some level of workout. Immediately you check subscriptions to a gym near your house, you will need to travel there 3-4 times a week, make sure you organize a babysitter if you have a baby, pay for parking if you can get one and do your exercises along side Many other people you do not know, not to mention the loud music they put in gyms these days that you do not even like.

So Why Not Workout At Home Without Any Fancy Cardio Machines ?!

I am going to show you how you can do all your workout in your own home. All the workout below is designed to increase your metabolism, increase your calorie and fat burning – primarily because it has a recovery period that lets your body rest and get you fit and happy. No cardio machines required here.

  1. Sprint up a hill. Sprinting up a hill is a killer workout because you push as hard as possible up hill. Sprinting takes some effort on the flat so you can imagine how much effort it takes if you try doing it up hill. It will strengthen your knees because of the movement your legs do when stepping up hill. After you got to the top of the hill, rest a couple of minutes to catch your breath, then walk slowly down hill, do not run, this is your recovery period. Up hill sprint will dramatically increase hormones in your body that is responsible for muscle building and fat burning. It is an exercise that workout the largest muscle group in your body. If you do just that, 3-4 times a week and repeat 3-4 times per workout you will see a significant change in your body for the good. Now tell me what you prefer, to jog for half an hour mindlessly on a treadmill or sprint up hill?
  2. Sprint against the wind. It has the same effect as hill sprints and all you got to do is go to a park, mark your self 50, 75 or 100 yards and do your sprints against the wind. It is a killer sprint because you will have strong wind blowing at you and it will require you to put extra strength into the exercise. Anywhere between 6 to 20 sprints per workout is good. Again you can do this 3-4 times a week.
  3. Body weight squats, lunges etc. These are done at home without stepping out the door. Squats, push-ups variations, lunges, and floor abs are all great for your metabolism increase. You do not even need weights here as your body weight acts as resistant just as good. Try do those workouts continuously for 15-30 minutes, with little or no rest in between each exercise.
  4. Rope skipping. This is a great full body workout, where you skip a rope just like when you were young at primary school. Doing it fast makes it a killer exercise. Get yourself one of those cheap plastic ropes, as they are easier to use and swing faster than the fabric ones which makes your skipping a lot faster so create a better effect in terms of fat and calorie burning as well as growth and testosterone hormone.
  5. Dumbbell rows . You would need to buy a pair of dumbbells for this one, and if you just starting your workout then a 4kg per dumbbell is enough to start with. If you are more advanced then you know what weight works best for you. Get into a push-up position where you hold a dumbbell at each hand. Now start rowing, a dumbbell at a time. Simply bring your right hand up to the side of your body while holding the other dumbbell on the floor then bringing it back down to the floor and row up with the other hand. This will work on your abs and entire core. Try keep your body still while rowing, it is hard and the more you do it the more you see results.

If you follow those exercises and do one or two of them 3-4 times a week you are guaranteed to see some great results because all of them work the entire range of muscles. Now, because of that you want to give your self a day or two of rest between each session because muscles need to rest. If you work your muscles everyday as hard as you can you are guaranteed to cause your self an injury that will put you out of your training for months. So be sensible about it especially when you start, take it easy at the beginning.

Good luck