Here's something that may shock you: jogging, bike riding, walking and a greater number of forms of low-intensity exercise are not the proper choices when it comes to fat loss. You are projected to burn a large amount of belly fat in less time by focusing on shorter, higher-intensity workout sessions that incorporated both cardio / aerobic training and strength / weight training.

Interval training, hill running, wind sprints, and race swimming are all great exercises for losing belly fat. In terms of strength training, focus on "compound" movements that will work a large amount of muscle groups at the same time: squats, pushups, dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, rows, etc. Also exercise your full body once or twice a week in order to literally force your body to release powerful hormones that will burn fat while putting on muscle at the same time.

Multi-joint exercises are the key to belly fat loss. These full body exercises of the back, legs, and chest will release the fat burning hormones for the duration of your body. An entire body workout raises your metabolic rate to adequate levels to burn fat like no other way.

Whether you got your workout planned in your mind or in a notebook bottom line you must have a plan. Remember you have to incorporate full body exercises. I can not say it enough that you must work the entire body to loss fat at an optimum level. Here is another list of these such as Leg Presses, Lat Pull downs, and Bench Presses. With a tiny bit effort you may be on your way to a larger, stronger, low fat body. Stay focused and you will accomplish that intention of losing your belly fat fast.