Being a personal trainer is a rewarding career but it can be difficult to pull in a steady income unless you work for a gym franchise or you have several reliable clients to keep you busy. The competition is fierce when it comes to landing new clients. You have to have great referrals, a portfolio of success stories, as well as the ability to market yourself.

Making a steady income is hard enough but there are ways to use your skills and expertise to make more money. Below I will briefly outline some of the things you can implement as a personal trainer to make some extra income.

Information Products

These are very popular and you would probably be amazed at just how much money many certified personal trainer's are pulling in monthly. An information product can be a program you create which is delivered on CD, DVD, or the most popular as an e-book (PDF format.) You can write a how-to guide on fitness and weight loss but add your own unique twist on it. Production costs are very low if you go the digital route. You can have a web site created and do some basic online marketing to get your product out there. If you incorporated affiliates, they can do a bulk of the marketing for you while you share a percentage of the sale.

Group Events

Recently a personal trainer acquaintance of mine created an event revolving around getting to know your city. Two trainers organized weekly events for an entire month in which participants would be exposed to physical activities in different parts of the city. They meet up every Saturday to do events such as rock climbing, biking, hiking, and more. It is a great way to make some extra money and meet new clients at the same time.

Network Marketing

I admit, this is one of my favorites because if you select the right company with the right products, you could literally turn a part-time business into full-time income. If you are not familiar with network marketing, it is one of the most popular ways to start a home based business with very little start-up money. You can create a residual income over time and also create the time and freedom you desire.

As a personal trainer, the more streams of income you have, the better! Would you like to learn how personal trainers are turning what they love into a fun home based business using network marketing?