Fitness is becoming ever so popular and so are jobs in the fitness industry. A lot of people are hiring personal Trainers more so than ever before, or have thought of hiring a personal trainer in the past. Personal trainers are the professionals of the weight loss industry. It's funny in a way that when you need someone to handle your legal affairs you hire a Lawyer. If you need someone to fix your car you hire a mechanic. But when people think about losing weight they go through a myriad of choices include fad dieting, weight loss products, plastic surgery etc …

The problem with those options is that they are only short term solutions. You will probably see weight loss in the short term but be extremely frustrated when you gain back the weight AND THEN SOME. All of those above solutions do not tackle the real problem which is our North American lifestyles. The truth is we need to be informed of the right decisions.

The Pros & Cons of A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers cost money

Personal trainers charge anywhere between $ 40-120 per session, and yes you read that right. That's just for a one workout session which is no more than an hour. Also with that said in order to train with some personal trainers you may need to get a gym membership, which means more costs for you. These costs can range from $ 240-720 just for a package of 6, plus the gym membership.

There are different levels of certificates

Let's be real now, almost anyone can get a certification and those that do not just can not cut it. A certification is just a way of telling whether or not this trainer is competent enough to know his / her basic anatomy and exercise physiology. You need to check if your trainer is certified and IF they have other certificates. It does not automatically make them the best but you at least weed out contenders from the pretenders. Still note that having a certificate does not mean they know what they are doing.

Do not be a guinea pig

The personal training industry has a 90% turnover rate. A lot of people think they can do the job but only a few actually stick around. You want to be with someone who has a proven track record to get you to where you want to be. Check their references through testimonials and past clientele. If they were referred to you then it's EVEN BETTER.

How is their fitness level?

Looks are not everything but they are a good indicator when choosing the right trainer. Would you be motivated by a trainer who is overweight and soft? I did not think so.

Health and Fitness MUST be their choice of career

Not every good trainer will be a trainer for life. But I have always found that the best, most knowledgeable and the ones that probably have the most fun at training are those that make health and fitness a career. They are just more serious about the job then someone who is doing it part time to "make a little extra cash".


If you have ever wanted to try personal trainer HIRE one for a session and see the difference. Many offer a free Personal Training session, but some do not. I would advise to find a trainer that is willing to prove themselves to you with a free session. In most cases if you find the right PT you will achieve your results 80% faster and come away with knowledge that could quite possibly last you a lifetime.