Tylor – Pleasanton, California

My boss, another colleague and I went out to lunch today.

I decided that today I could score some stranger shots so I took my camera with me, to lunch.

I looked around the restaurant, there really wasn’t anyone I wanted to approach. Besides, this place is really really dark (bad lighting).

We sat down, we ordered, we ate, and we were done.

Just when I thought that I had to go back to work empty handed, Tylor popped up.

Tylor was passing flyers in the parking lot. He was promoting 30Day-BOOTCAMP, a fitness center for women.

I took one of his flyers and asked if I could take his photo.

Not only he said yes, he also put down his flyers and started posing for me.

I really could not have asked more.

Opportunities like this I just can not pass up.

Tylor is my Stranger #13 in my 100 Strangers Project.

Posted by *:Daisy:* on 2011-03-30 05:52:13

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