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Outside Look at the Gym & Fitness Center

The new Gym & Fitness center project is moving right along.
Photo Courtesy of Earth Science Instructor Dave Cordero.

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Take One Step To Healthy Life

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240 Square Feet ( 60 tiles + borders) ‘We Sell Mats’ Black 2′ x 2′ x 3/8″ Anti-Fatigue Interlocking EVA Foam Exercise Gym Flooring

via Healthy Magpa – massively discounted exercise and fitness equipment

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Fitness center, Hedonism II

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Pavigym Aerobic negro

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Fitness For Soccer – How to Become a Fast and Fit Soccer Player

Soccer is one popular sport and many people – young and old are interested not only in watching the sport but in learning it as well. However, soccer is one very demanding sport, which is why it is important to learn some workouts that can improve your fitness for soccer.

If you have noticed the skills and strength needed in soccer, indeed, it is a sport that requires speed, agility, stamina, skill as well as strength as soccer players need to run, shoot (if it is through a headshot or with a kick ), and protect themselves from injuries.

If you want to play soccer or if you want to be a good soccer player, you have to develop skills and you need to be in good shape to do well and perform better with the sport. In this very demanding sport, skills would not be enough. You need to have the stamina through the game as well as the speed.

To learn fitness for soccer, here are some of the workouts and training that will help you improve your fitness to be a good, fast and fit player.

Aerobic exercises

To be a good soccer player and to learn fitness for soccer, you have to engage in aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises allow you to take in oxygen and improve the efficiency of your heart as well as your cardiovascular system.

In playing soccer, you need to be in motion most of the time and aerobic fitness will help you develop that stage for the sport. One aerobic exercise that is good for one who wants to do well in soccer is running. It helps in building your endurance as well as your speed especially if you run uphill and you do it regularly. Running is also important to improve your skill as well because soccer involves a lot of running through the game – whether they are sprints or long runs.

Anaerobic soccer fitness

Aside from aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises are also very important in preparing yourself to meet the challenges of the sport. Soccer involves quick runs and at times longer runs and thus, to be able to cope up with these, anaerobic exercises are best. These exercises involve intense activity and rest at an interval, and these indeed help you condition your body to this type of activities during a soccer game.

Anaerobic exercises also help in correcting imbalances in the muscles for soccer players. Usually, soccer players tend to have stronger quads and anaerobic exercises help balance that with the strength of other muscles to avoid injury as well. One good workout you can do to improve your fitness for soccer is circuit training.

Although it is a general idea that fitness for soccer involves a good combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, it is also important to consider that every individual may require a different fitness and training needs. Of course, it may depend on your age, your abilities as well as the position you … Read More

Cellular Respiration and the Mighty Mitochondria

Explore how ATP is made in 3 steps of aerobic cellular respiration with the Amoeba Sisters! This also compares this process to photosynthesis and introduces ATP structure. This video has a handout here:

We appreciate feedback on our videos and pin clarifications on our videos if needed. We do wish we had been more clear stating that the Krebs cycle “‘indirectly” requires oxygen” instead of just stating it “requires oxygen” —as we do not want to imply that oxygen is a reactant in the Krebs cycle (Citric Acid Cycle). While oxygen is not a reactant for the Krebs Cycle, the oxidation steps of the Krebs Cycle cannot occur without the presence of oxygen. (Thus, the Krebs Cycle is considered an aerobic process)
Reference Source: OpenStax

36 ATP? 38 ATP? The big thing we want to emphasize, as we do in the video, is this number is an estimate. It’s likely not even as high as those numbers everytime. And regarding the video note about how ATP may need to be used to shuttle in NADH from glycolysis—here’s a question answered by Miller and Levine that you may find helpful:

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25 weight loss tips

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1. Reward yourself
So you’ve been following your training program, working out hard and eating well. It’s time for you to go shopping and treat yourself to those new tight-fitting jeans you had your eye on. Rewarding yourself once a month or when you ach…

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