This is the beauty of the sites of Raja Ampat in Papua that has astonished the international travelers. Equally with underwater beauty is in the Thousand Islands or Bunaken, Raja Ampat sites also offers dive sites which claimed the best in the world and where it is located in Indonesia. Surely this hearing we as a nation Indonesia should be proud of and care for valuable state assets this.

Paradise for divers

Tourist attractions Raja Ampat is known as a paradise for divers the world. There are at least 1,320 species of fish and become the most comprehensive in the world, as well as 600 species of coral reefs and 5 rare turtle species that can be found in the waters of Raja Ampat. Other beauty are chunks of large stones found in the waters of Raja Ampat so for those who can not dive can enjoy the natural beauty of Raja Ampat unbeatable.

Apart from being a marvelous dive international many anglers who want fell pull of the fish Giant Traveler and Baraccuda notoriously challenging for the angler.

World of Water Species

Wealth of biodiversity in the Raja Ampat sites make up a quarter of species of marine animals in the world are in Raja Ampat. A total of 1,320 species of fish and 5 endangered sea turtle species and a wealth of coral reefs which according to researchers is the most comprehensive in the world is in Raja Ampat’s sights. If you like the snorkling and want a new challenge then Raja Ampat is a tourist destination that is right for you snorkling challenge.

Not without interruption beauty of biodiversity in the Raja Ampat, knowledge of the population about which they catch fish in the wrong way will be one of the piecemeal destruction of the beauty of Raja Ampat. Thus, the Government continues to promote human resources in Raja Ampat so between the government and the public as well as tourists still can maintain the beauty of Raja Ampat sites.

Traveling in Raja Ampat

Some tips that I can share to you who are planning to go to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat. We recommend that visitors bring a camera to capture the moment underwater diving. Come to Raja Ampat in early October because the waters of Raja Ampat look poised for diving. Do not forget to bring the beach gear such as sunblock, a hat and sunglasses, and most importantly because of Raja Ampat is natural many malaria mosquitoes famous in Papua so bring insect repellent or mosquito lotion for anticipation.

Raja Ampat Transportation

Many travelers are still confused about this, but not to worry as I will explain your travel route to get to the tourist attractions Raja Ampat. Obviously if you are going to Raja Ampat use the services of the airport for flights to the city of Sorong. From Sorong you can catch the ferry which takes you to Waisai which is the capital of Raja Ampat. Throughout the journey by ferry you should do the morning because of the scenery in Alaska is truly amazing, even the journey will be presenting these beautiful sea travel.