The beauty of abdominal exercise routines is that they don’t necessarily require any exercise equipment for their successful workout flow. The most that an exerciser would want to have would be an exercise mat, which is geared for an exerciser’s safety, as well as comfort.

Most of abdominal exercise routines involve muscle work overload, as well as a progressing workout intensity scheme, and should be done on regular intervals, divided between “rest periods” for abdominal muscles to recover. Most abdominal exercise routines also consider the vital role of one’s back, carefully targeting the internal and external obliques, as well as the rectus abdominis, which is the “six pack” muscles, as they are commonly referred to.

In understanding abdominal exercise routines, as well as successfully doing them, an overall knowledge with the abdominal region would greatly aid exercisers. The primarily targeted muscle in abdominal exercise routines would be the rectus abdominis, the muscle which spreads from one’s ribs to the hips, and down the stomach area. Running down the sides of the stomach to the waist would be the internal and external obliques, which are also targeted by abdominal exercise routines.

An overall workout of these muscles, coupled with a balanced diet, would eventually yield to abs to steel. One thing worth knowing about abdominal exercise routines is that they are not geared to convert fat into muscle. They are simply strengthening workout routines. A low carbohydrate, high protein diet is said to effectively reduce flabby abs, coupled with a comprehensive abdominal exercise.

Here are two of the most simple of abdominal exercise routines.

Abdominal Crunches

With the exerciser lying face up on the floor with hands behind his/her head, or on his/her chest, abdominal crunches are accomplished by slowly lifting the upper torso two to three inches off the floor. An exerciser doesn’t have to perform full sit ups, as sit ups strengthen other muscle areas in the body.

Exercisers simply have to focus on moving their upper torso regions towards their hips, completing the abdominal exercise routine with 12-16 repetitions.

Revere Curl

Reverse curls are successfully done with the exerciser first lying on his/her back, followed by raising his/her knees towards his/her chest, maintaining their hips’ position. This abdominal exercise routine focuses on the lower abdomen areas, and is quite easy to do. 12 to 16 repetitions on a regular basis are oftentimes good enough.

With the regular workout of these two abdominal exercise routines, along with a balanced diet, “washboard” abs are bound to come to exercisers.