You’ve probably read an article or two claiming that personal trainers can make six figures in the highly competitive field of personal training. Is this a fact or mere fiction? Can you really earn this type of wage and if so what would it take for you to do so? There are many variables to consider that would impact reaching the six figure target. In this article I will discuss what it takes to be a six figure personal trainer and you can decide whether it is a goal you would like to strive for.

While earning six figures would certainly appeal to a lot of trainers, like any profession it’s usually only the top ten percent of any field that attain this level of success. This is due to the enormous amount of hard-work, dedication, perseverance and sacrifice it takes to take your business to this level.

The Twelve Questions

So what does it take to earn six figures? Well first it takes research and research starts with questions, lots of questions. Such as;

1) What area of the world do you live-in?

2) What is the average income of the people within your area?

3) What is the average rate for personal training in your area?

4) How many hours a day, week or month do you have to work?

5) What is the gap between what you earn now and what you want to earn?

6) How long are you giving yourself to attain your goal?

7) Are there any other trainers in your area earning six figures, if so who are they, how long did it take them, were they able to sustain it?

8) What obstacles do you foresee getting in your way of achieving your goal?

9) Which areas of your business do you feel least comfortable with?

10) What type of support system do you have in place to help you achieve your goal?

11) What would have to change in your life right now in order to pursue this goal?

12) How important is it to you to achieve this goal and why?

There will certainly be more questions that will surface once you start researching your goal. These twelve questions serve to get you started and should be answered before moving forward. The reason you ask so many questions and research the goal is because you need to understand what it’s going to take for you to achieve it. In the end you might decide that you aren’t interested in pursuing it. Or you may find you are excited about the prospect.

Setting the goal

Setting a revenue goal can be tricky. You certainly don’t want to be overly focused on money. Just like when a client comes to you with a weight loss goal we encourage them not to focus on the numbers on the scale but rather on developing a solid workout and nutrition plan. The result of which is evidenced in weight loss.

It’s the same for you. When you set a revenue goal, focus on what it will take to achieve this goal but not on chasing the money. For example, you may work on building superior customer service, learning the people-approach to selling or working on your marketing skills. You focus on the tasks that you need to know, learn and excel at. In the end what happens is you attain your revenue goal because of all the little things you do to grow your business everyday. It’s what you do on a daily basis that will see you achieving your financial goal in the long run.

It takes focused effort and a daily commitment to moving things forward. For example, in my business I write every day. Much of my marketing centers on sharing my ideas with other fitness professionals. In order to continue to reach my target market I write everyday. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment but when you want to achieve a goal you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work because no one else is going to do it for you.

Find a mentor

If you want to be in this income bracket then I suggest you find other trainers who are near or have achieved the success you are looking to achieve. Better yet, find a mentor who will help guide you. If you want to earn six figures then hang around other trainers or business people who have achieved what you are setting out to achieve.

Commit to continuing education

Spend time reading business books, attending workshops and learning everything and anything with regards to what it takes to achieve your goal. Keep a journal of what works and doesn’t work. Hire a business coach. Someone who will help you stay on target and on task. Know that you don’t have to pursue this goal alone. Ask for and solicit as much help and support as you can from others around you. You are going to need it because you will be working very hard to build your dream.

Outsource non-revenue generating activities

If you can afford to, outsource tasks that you don’t excel at. For example, if you don’t have good accounting skills then hire an accountant. If you struggle to write good content for your marketing material then hire an editor who can help you. If you don’t have time for paper work then hire a virtual assistant. The best thing you can do for yourself is create a circle of people who will help you realize your six figure goal.

Be patient with yourself.

If you’ve given yourself two years to work up to your goal and half-way through you are still not getting close, be patient. Re-evaluate where you are and where you need to go and re-work your goal. Remember you are the one who set the goal so you have the flexibility to work it anyway you choose.

Stay the course.

There are times when you will question why you are trying to achieve this goal. Go back to your research and question number twelve. See how you answered the question. If you still feel as strongly about your answer then it will help see you through the tough times. If you don’t feel strongly about it then perhaps you will want to set a new goal.

Work-life balance

Will you have work-life balance while going after this goal? This is an important question to consider. Depending on how much effort it’s going to take you to achieve this goal this will dictate if you will sacrifice some work-life balance. If all you are doing is working to achieve this goal what will you be giving up and missing out on? It’s important to recognize this because you might find you need to work 10 hour days for the next two years to achieve your goal. Well something will suffer because of that. It could be time with family, friends, your workouts, extra curricular activities. It’s best to identify this up front so you know ahead of time what you are willing to give up.

So have you decided whether earning a six figure salary is fact or fiction for you? Perhaps after reading this article you have decided that while it might be nice to have that sort of income it is also a lot of work to attain and sustain. Or maybe you are feeling inspired to get started on the path. Whatever your decision I hope you understand that while it is certainly attainable it will take a lot of effort on your part to make it happen.