When people talk about the cookie diet plan, there are usually two types of reactions. One reaction is to say "Wow, that's exciting! and the other one is, "Oh yea that's a nice fantasy … eat cookies and lose weight, ha ha .." or something to that effect. In my personal opinion the cookie diet plan is not a name that does this program justice because it sounds silly when in fact, it's not silly at all.

It is an extremely smart and logical way to lose weight. The way it works is like this, everyone knows that it takes a low calorie diet to successfully lose weight. (Or, you can do enough exercise that will offset your calorie intake and create a negative calorie deficiency every week but that is MUCH more difficult to do.) However, a low calorie diet is hard to keep up with due to hunger pains which is something nobody should have to go through. When you eat very little calories you can get hungry again very quickly. Most foods that suppress your hunger are fatty and high in calories so they will not help you lose weight at all.

What the Doctor who invented the cookie diet plan did was create a food that is LOW in calories, but also suppresses your hunger naturally using amino acids and food proteins. He is one of the only people to ever develop a low calorie food that is a natural hunger suppressant. Why more people have not done it, I have no idea. It's simple, logical and scientific.

Basically, you eat 7 cookies a day which is about 500 calories and then a nutritious dinner keeping of lean meat and a green vegetable which is about 300. This gives you an 800 calorie / day diet and would normally be near impossible if it was not ' t for the hunger suppressing agents in the cookie. I would recommend the cookie diet plan to anyone who is looking to lose weight the healthy way.